Cosmo 4x4 Smart Saver PK

BV 329
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1 - Oral Care Kit (b)
1 - Oral Care Spray (b)
1 - Citrus Silk 4oz (b)
1 - Mint 1oz (b)
1 - Mint 4oz with pump (b)
1 - Love 4oz (b)
1 - Aum Clay 4oz (b)
1 - Aum Crystals 4oz (b)
1 - A Sirius Silver 4oz (b)
1 - ARC Vision 15 ml (b)
Choice of 1 OmSilk Facial (Mint or Citrus Silk)

GREAT Choice package - this Cosmo 4x4 Smart Saver pack include 1 bottle each 4oz of the Aum Clay, Aum Crystal,Citrus Silk,Mint Matrix, Love; along with that 1 choice of OmSilk Facial (either Mint Matrix or Citrus Silk version), ARC vision for your eyes, and the Oral Care Health System for your overall wellness in 1 package.

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