6-Basic Pendant - Hematite Pendant

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Basic Pendants are made from semi-precious gemstones which are infused with Human Blueprint™ Frequencies that bring the body into balance. Gemstones are Green Aventurine, Hematite, Tigers Eye and Opalite. Pendants can either be worn as a necklace or placed in a pocket or in clothing to receive the full range of benefits. BASIC PENDANT BENEFITS • Balances the body • Increases energy • Speeds cellular communication for wellness • Eases discomfort • Reduces stress • Increases focus & clarity • Protects from EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) • Brings deep & restful sleep

VIBRANZ BASIC PENDANT TESTIMONIALS “ My son gave me a pendant in April of this year and I wouldn’t take it off. I immediately felt a sense of strength. I had cramps in my feet for many years and would wake up in the night with charley horses and would hop around the room trying to release them. They have completely stopped since the day I put on the pendant. Thank you Vibranz!” — Katherine P., MI “ My daughter tends to daydream a lot in school. Since wearing the pendant she and her teachers have reported a marked improvement in her grades and study habits ever since!” — Susan H., FL “ I placed my Hematite pendanat on the most intense headache spot which was on the right side of the forehead. It stuck tight. I left it there until it relaxed. Then I moved it to the throbbing side on the left until it released. Then I moved it to the center. The entire process took maybe 1/2 to 3/4 hour. I noted the headache was entirely gone. I breathed a sigh of relief and got up and went about my day.” — Jo S. “ I loaned a vendor friend one of my Vibranz pendants to try since many people are skeptical. She said she had injured her hip years ago and it would wake her up in her sleep. The next morning after using it the night before she was blown away and said this was the first time in years she did not wake up with hip pain.” — Stan, IN
  • HOW ZEROPOINTTM TECHNOLOGY IN THE VIBRANZ BASIC PENDANTS WORKS It has been discovered that the cells in the body vibrate at various frequencies depending on their state of health. Vibranz has identified specific frequencies that match the optimum state of health for each of the body’s organs and systems. These are called Human BlueprintTM Frequencies. When a person wears a Vibranz Basic Pendant, their body begins to resonate with the frequencies that are in the Basic Pendant through a process called Sympathetic Resonance. This is similar to a tuning fork that will pick up the frequency (sound) of another tuning fork in its vicinity. When they are close to one another, they will both begin to resonate at the same frequency. When the organs and systems of the body are attuned with the frequencies that are in the Basic Pendant, the body returns to a balanced state. The body is able to protect and heal itself when it is in balance.
  • BASIC PENDANT SUGGESTED USES ADD/ADHD: Wear during school and work for increased focus, clarity, calmness and grounding. Allergies: Wear daily to relieve allergies. Bronchitis: Breathe while holding the pendant beneath the nose. Back Pain: Wear pendant following massage, chiropractic or other back pain treatment. Experience lengthened period of relief and balance following treatment. Eyes: Wear the pendant while reading or using the computer. You may also hold the pendant over each eye to relieve strain. Place on eye to relieve twitching. Headaches: Place pendant on forehead or area of pain for a minimum of two minutes. Experience relief or elimination of discomfort. Insomnia: Wear pendant when going to bed for a restful night’s sleep with lucid dreams. Jet Lag: Wear on the flight to reduce EMF exposure during flight. Motion Sickness: Users have reported feeling less nausea while wearing the pendant. Thyroid Inbalance: Hold pendant close to the base of the throat. May also wear during sleep. Dental Discomfort: Hold pendant to area of discomfort for a few minutes until relief is felt. Vision: Hold the pendant over the eyelids for a few minutes for improved vision.
  • pproximately .5 oz. to oz. with Bail, 40mm iameter, String & Bail ncluded, Three Choices f Semi-Precious Stones