1-Orion Disc Pendant

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The Orion Disc Pendant is a Semi-precious Green Aventurine Gemstone. Approximately 40mm diameter. The Orion Disc Pendant can assist you in your expression of unconditional love and supporting true sovereignty. Your personal connection to your heart-centered way of life develops and grows as you learn to communicate from a place of personal compassion and understanding. It is a tool for preparing you for the 5D world that we now have access to.

From Maureen St. Germain: “A note on the effects of Sovereignty: When you are truly in your sovereignty, you become resilient to invaders, disease, attacks, and attempts (by others) to control you. This makes it ideal for individuals who are living or working with powerful people, who don’t always listen to you. You may have to ‘ease into it’ so that your newfound “inner sovereignty” allows for others to adjust to your authentic power. I have also found that wearing the Orion Disc permits your heart center to express true compassion through communications that are firm, yet kind, strong, yet powerful, empowering you to your authentic true self while wearing it. The longer you wear it, the more integrated this energy becomes.”
  • ORION DISC PENDANT BENEFITS The Orion Disc Pendant contains a specific blend of frequencies that not only continue to deliver the embedded frequencies, it becomes an ‘antenna’ for additional balancing frequencies for the human body. • Calmness and contentment • Immune function enhancement • Feeling balanced • Increases energy • Detoxification • Reduces stress • Increases focus and clarity • Brings deep and restful sleep • Deep relaxation, calmness, peaceful and resilient • Protects from EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) • Protects from ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies) .......... ORION DISC PENDANT SUGGESTED USES Wear the Orion Disc Pendant every day to support your body to help stay balanced in our challenging environment, and to assist in deepening your meditation practice. Wear the Orion Disc Pendant with the Intention Disc and the Orion Blends (AroMandalas®) to help with emotional clearing. Let the benefits of Vibranz use of ZeroPointTM Technology balance your mind-body complex.
  • Approximately .05 oz. to 1 oz., 40 mm diameter String and Bail included Semi-precious Green Adventurine Gemstone