PET- Spotted Granite- 3 pack


EMF-PET (Personal Environment Transformer)-Spotted Granite

Personal Environmental Transformer (PET) is used for EMF protection and pain relief. The PET is infused with ZeroPoint™ Technology which has been found to be balancing to the biofield and calming to the individual. Pointing at an area of pain will bring in frequencies for relief, pointing away from an area of pain will tend to neutralize incoherent frequencies.

The PET transmutes incoherent electromagnetic (EMF) waves into coherent EMF waves. Just as some sound frequencies or waves are incoherent for human beings and some are coherent. Transmuting these frequencies from incoherent to coherent makes all the difference in how they affect the human body and energy fields.

PET BENEFITS • Reduces effects of harmful EMF/ELF waveforms when placed near electronic pollution. Place in any room in the home, i.e., kitchen, office, bedroom, or any other room that has electronic pollution. It’s also great for traveling, i.e., in the car, airplane lap tray, hotel room, etc. • Biofield Balancing can be accomplished when held with the logo facing down in the palm of the left hand while relaxing or meditating for a few minutes. Some people prefer to use the right hand. This demonstrated a more balanced biofield, chakra alignment and organ, gland and body part balancing in the emotional and physical realms on the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) imaging research. Balancing to the following body systems in the emotional and physical realms: • Blood pressure in the emotional and physical realms • Cardiovascular body system • Blood sugar : Balancing to the following energetic/etheric realms: • Expansive Grounding Energies • Feminine/Masculine Energies • Heart Energies • Self Activation Energies • Creative Energies • People have found holding the PET to be calming and enhances meditation experiences. • Dowsing results showed PET may have a use for detecting high electronic pollution pathways in or around your home. • Individuals sensitive to EMF/ELF radiation noticed the absence of disruption to their biofield and nervous system. Highest efficacy with EMF/ELF sensitivity seems to be when the PET is placed in the field of electronic pollution including WiFi, computers, satellite signals, power lines, etc.

Package Includes:
3 - Spotted Granite PET (Personal Environment Transformer)


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