Sport Pack Solution


Sport Pack Solution (includes: Entrainer drops & Encoder Bracelet)

The bio-sonic Encoder Wristband is a first-to-market cutting-edge adaptation of piezoelectric technology that transmits frequencies which bring body and mind into a state of harmonic resonance or cohesiveness. It’s symbiotic companion is Entrainer Drops, a vibrational synthesis of organic water formulated on the latest research into the Memory of Water and works in synergy with the Encoder to improve the health and well-being of men, women, children, animals and plants.

The Encoder wristband is created from medical grade silicon and houses a ceramic ‘memory bank’ in the form of an energy-harvesting piezoelectric disc that has been imprinted with over 100 Human BlueprintTM Frequencies to assist and optimize inter-cellular communication.

The Encoder is the world’s first device utilizing the piezoelectric phenomenon to optimize physical and mental performance. After only a few years, the bio-sonic Encoder Wristband is now in over 30 countries and endorsed by international coaches, sports physicians, athletes and wide spectrum of the public from grandmothers to tennis swinging teenagers. Its complementary and synergistic partner is called Entrainer Drops which is infused and re-structured with the same 100 plus Human BlueprintTM Frequencies as the Encoder Wristband.The

body-electric’s neural network sends and receives millions of electrical signals every second. Any transmission blockages in this neural electrical system diminish its efficiency and thereby directly impact the level of human performance. The matrix of frequencies imprinted onto the Encoder’s piezo disc and inducted into the Entrainer Drops act much like a harmonic fusion to correct any such broken connections. Encoder & Entrainer drops BENEFITS • Increased Flexibility • Increased Balance • Increased Endurance • Electromagnetic Field Protection

1 - Encoder Bracelet
1 - Entrainer Drop Bottle


$ 200.00


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