Orion Series I


Orion SeriesI 1 - Complete 8 Pack

ORION SERIES 1 BLENDS (Formerly AroMandalas) Vibranz has teamed with ‘The Practical Mystic’, Maureen St. Germain, to release these amazing channeled blends of the Orion Series. Previously known as AroMandalas® in many of Maureen’s books, these blends are not like anything else currently on the market.

The Orion Series are divinely sourced and are pure plant extracts without any additional carrier oils added. They have very specific properties for healing the most important energies of the emotional body’s energy field, where many believe most diseases originated from.

1 - OS-Fountain Of Youth
1 - OS-Exuberanz 
1 - OS-Rememberanz 
1 - OS-Akashic Access 
1 - OS-Inner Guru  
1 - OS-Elation 
1 - OS-Manifestation 
1 - OS-Purity 
1 - Fountain of Youth Meditation CD
1 - OS Deluxe Travel Case (holds 15 oils)

[ COS1 ]

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