AUM Clay


AUM Clay 4oz bottle

The VIBRANZ AUM CLAY is a Cosmonutriceutical solution with multiple applications.

AUM CLAY consists of 100% Pure US Digestible Grade Kaolin Clay, sound frequencies, human blueprintfrequencies from minerals, which have been embedded with ZeroPoint technology.

100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade when available.


  • Promotes release of chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, parasites and other damaging substances.
  • Encourages balance of all internal system (organs, endocrine, musculoskeletal, lymphatic).
  • Shields the body’s natural bio-field from environmental pollution and emotional stressors.
  • Soothing and calming skin treatment that provides relief from many skin irritations.
  • Provides and supports balance of the body’s energy centers known as Chakras.
  • Promotes cellular communication between all internal systems and organs.
  • Promotes balanced overall energy throughout the day.
  • Assists in balancing the body’s natural pH levels.
  • Promotes healthy elimination.
  • Promotes healthy oral care.

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