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The Oral Care+Powder consists of Aum Clay (100% Pure, US Digestible Grade Kaolin Clay), EDTA, Aum Crystal, (100% pure ingestible far-infrared Tesla crystals), harmonic sound frequencies, Baking Soda, Organic Sea Salt, Magnesium and Calcium. The Mint Matrix and Sirius Silver provided are mixed into the Oral Care Powder to taste and consistency. Both the Oral Care Spray and the Oral Care Powder have harmonic sound frequencies, and Human BlueprintTM Frequencies from minerals, which have been embedded with ZeroPointTM Technology. 100% Certified Toxic Free, Fair Trade when available.


It was about 5 years ago and I was dealing with a degenerative bone disease. Most of my teeth were cracking and crumbling. I had to get extensive dental work and see a naturopath about mineral supplements immediately. She gave me mint matrix, citrus silk and aum clay to take internally and use on my teeth with the red laser. I actually grew new teeth enamel. The damage was unfound in the x-Ray! I saved a couple hundred dollars in dental work! Wish I used it sooner! I could have saved even more money and prevented bone loss and physical damage! A pure miracle! Thank you Vibranz!!!
Julie Geiger
Regina, Saskatchewan

Click Here for more reviews ORAL CARE+ SYSTEM BENEFITS –UPGRADED FORMULA • Whiter teeth after about 2 weeks of both the spray and the paste
• Continued removal of stains from coffee, tea, etc.
• Cavity reduction or elimination
• Major reduction or elimination of tartar
• Reduction of gum pockets
• Reduction and or elimination of bleeding gums
• Significant Increase in circulation
• Reduction and or elimination of infection in the gums
• Possible basal cells on skin reduced or gone
• Significant Improvement of Red blood health • Teeth re-Enameling
• Teeth feel like they are smooth or sealed, like coming from Dentist after a clean and polish

1 - Oral Care Powder 2 oz with upgraded formula
1- Oral Care Sirius Silver 1oz
2- Sample packs Mint Matrix
mixing spatula

ORAL CARE SYSTEM will include 1 (2oz) bottle of SilverWazh+)

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