A Sirius Silver - 4oz


A Sirius Silver - 4oz

A Sirius Silver is a Cosmonutriceutical solution with multiple applications consisting of distilled water with silver (Ag) in suspension at .0025 ppm. to .025 ppm. The actual silver content is in the form of ultra-nanoparticles. The remaining silver is introduced in vibrational form by embedding silver frequencies into the solution. Though like colloidal silver in effect, ultra-nano particles are too small to be considered in “colloidal” suspension. They are rather, in a “nano-suspension” which is a much more stable state. The vibrational silver frequencies do not add actual silver to the solution, only the benefits, which amplify the effectiveness of A Sirius Silver in the body above that of common silver products without any of the harmful side effects.

Combining ultra-small particle size with vibrational silver frequencies, results in a silver solution which is without peer. From the standpoint of penetration into capillaries, cells, pathogens and body tissues, A Sirius Silver is much more effective than common silver products on the market. With less than 100-200 mcg in a 4 oz. bottle, A Sirius Silver usage is well under the amount referenced by EPA for public water supplies in the US. Users can be as secure with the daily use of A Sirius Silver as they are with EPA approved drinking water. The properties of A Sirius Silver completely put to rest any concern with Argyria or other perceived toxicity concerns.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Pure Silver (Hydro-Vortexed, Structured Nano-Silver), 1% food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide, ZeroPoint Technology

100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade when available.


  • Provides powerful support to the immune system
  • Completely non-toxic with no heavy metal contamination
  • Can assist the body in balancing: connective and dental tissues; respiratory, lymph, circulatory,endocrine and parasympathetic systems, vision, brain, spinal column and adrenal glands

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