Sirius Balance Pendant Written Testimonials


Adult ADD (Intention Disc, Sodalite Window Pendant, Sirius Balance Pendant, Red Laser)

Had no energy, couldn’t think clearly for 25 years, 2 years ago Doc said I had Adult ADD.  Put Intention disc in pocket, Sodalite & Sirius Pendant around neck, used Red Laser, and within days could tell a huge difference, have more clarity & alertness, experienced emotional & toxic clearing from the pendants. These products changed my life.



Heart (Sirius Balance Pendant)

Marsha’s husband has had 2 major heart attacks and within hours of wearing the Sirius Pendant, the pressure he had been having in his chest has not come back and he has been feeling great.



Pain – Arm Broken (Intention Disc, Frequency Disc, Sodalite Window Pendant, Sirius Balance Pendant)

Rick and I were at an in-home meeting and asked for volunteers so he could demonstrate the Intention Disc and how it could help clear emotional trauma from injuries.  Everyone volunteered Susan to go up who told about recently breaking her arm, had no money for insurance and had healed it with the help of a frequency disc put into the inside of a homemade sling in 4 weeks but it didn’t heal completely straight.  So she went through the process with Rick and could feel a lot of stress relieved with the Intention Disc and felt a lot better about it.  Then a few minutes later after the meeting, I worked a little more with her with the Intention Disc and Sodalite Pendant and the Sirius Pendant was placed on her elbow where it had broken and the arm just actually straightened out in front of everyone.  She let out a scream and was screaming with joy and saying, “look at my arm! – look at my arm!”  So we all ran in there and saw that her arm was completely straightened.  What was so profound was that she could not straighten her arm before.  There is always an emotional component to  the healing and condition which this product helps to unblock.  It was just an awesome experience to witness.



Pain – Feet (Sirius Infinity Pointer, Sirius Balance Pendant)

My feet always swelled and hurt for days after flying in an airplane.  On my last trip I used the Sirius infinity Pointer and wore the Sirius Balance Pendant.  I had great energy and no pain from swollen feet.



Pain – Foot (Sirius Balance Pendant)

I recently had a nasty case of Plantar Fascitis, a pain in my heal — when you first wake up in the morning it’s a crazy elusive pain.  Someone told me to put the Sirius Balance Pendant under my foot while sitting when working and it will help.  Yesterday I was flying and sat in the plane with it under my foot and usually that inactivity makes it worse, but when I got off the plane I was able to walk normally.



Pain – Knees (Sirius Balance Pendant, Frequency Disc, Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk)

I have torn meniscus in my knees.  I was in constant pain and had a great deal of trouble walking, especially on stairs. I wear the Sirius Balance Pendant, sleep with the Frequency Disc, use the Sirius Silver and Citrus Silk.  Now my knees don’t hurt. Even when I twisted my knees the wrong way and irritated the meniscus, the pain went away very quickly.



Pain – Wrist (Sirius Balance Pendant, Citrus Silk, Red Laser)

We have a wood burning stove and I’ve been splitting firewood for 25 years. A few years ago the result of all that work, using a sledge hammer and splitting axe, caught up to me! My left wrist and thumb joint developed an aching, burning sensation that I felt most of the time. In fact, the discomfort would sometimes be so intense that I had difficulty sleeping.  I began wearing a magnetic/energy bracelet. As long as I was wearing the bracelet I had no pain.  More recently, I began wearing the Sirius Balance Pendant and decided to stop wearing the bracelet. Happily and surprisingly my wrist continued to remain pain free!  I was amazed because I thought I would need to have something in direct contact with my wrist to get the benefit. So, not only am I getting pain relief, but I’m getting all the other benefits the Sirius Balance Pendant provides! Everything I’ve experienced with these products has simply been mind-blowing.

Update:  Last night I got a throbbing pain just below my thumb on the underside of my wrist and it was so bad that it woke me up.  I got up and rubbed the Citrus Silk on and used the Red Laser working on it about 2 minutes.  The pain left and is still gone today, the next day.



Pneumonia (Sirius Silver, Sirius Balance Pendant, Intention Disc)

I had gotten pneumonia but I went to the convention anyway really dragging thru it.  I had been taking another type of vibrational silver but wasn’t cutting it.  We got the Sirius Silver on the last day of the convention and took a couple doses that day and by evening were ready to hang out with anyone who wanted to have some fun.  I saw how much more powerful this silver was from the other I had been using.  After flying home and having another 2 days catch-up at home, I had a little bit of a relapse and then put 1 TBSP of the Silver in my bath water – I was just coughing like crazy – also had Sirius Pendant on with Intention disc in the water too.  I barely coughed that night and didn’t cough at all the next day, so it kicked out that last little bit of pneumonia I had left in my body.



Sleep (Sirius Balance Pendant)

I was wearing my Sirius Pendant and was holding my grandchild who had been squirmy with my husband.  I put her on my chest and it felt like she was just melting into my body and she just went off to this great deep sleep.  Happened again another time and it was really wonderful how quickly a child can be settled down like she needed the frequencies.



Sleep (Citrus Silk, Sirius Balance Pendant)

Have not been able to sleep well so I sprayed some Citrus Silk in tall glass of water before bed and it was so refreshing, I slept through the night.  Also using the Sirius Balance Pendant.



Anxiety – Fear of Height (Sirius Balance Pendant)

I have been wearing a Sirius Balance Pendant now for 3 days.  I had built my house about 17 years ago and would have to get on a ladder to open a clogged dryer head.  Every single time when I got clear up there about 12 feet up I would feel anxiety and jittery but would try to control it.  Today when I had to do this, I was amazed that I had no anxiety, no jitteriness, no feeling of fear of height or nothing, and the only thing different was having this pendant on.  This was the first time in 17 years this has happened and was not expecting this at all.