Intention Disc Written Testimonials


Had no energy, couldn’t think clearly for 25 years, 2 years ago Doc said I had Adult ADD.  Put Intention disc in pocket, Sodalite & Sirius Pendant around neck, used Red Laser, and within days could tell a huge difference, have more clarity & alertness, experienced emotional & toxic clearing from the pendants. These products changed my life.



Allergy (Mint Matrix, Intention Disc, Citrus Silk, Red Laser)

I had a chronic allergy infection and they gave me a cortisone tablet.   I didn’t want to take it but was at the end of my rope and took it.  Well, I had an allergic reaction to it which lowered my blood sugar so significantly.  I found myself in a parking lot in a shopping center yesterday and I didn’t know where I was, why I was there or how I got there.  I was just totally confused.  I had some experience with a diabetic before, so I found a partial piece of a candy bar in my purse, ate it, and it raised my blood sugar up enough.

I still had a terrific headache but I knew where I was and how to get home.   I got home and was sitting on the couch, still being disoriented and weak and was getting ready to call 911.  Lorraine Eldridge called me at this time, which was a miracle in itself the exact same moment I was calling 911.  I told her I was in a crisis and listless sitting on the couch and could hardly move.  She told me to get the Mint Matrix and put some on the bottom of my feet and in other areas to raise the frequencies of your body.  And that’s what these products do — they align our frequencies with the healing frequencies.

She said to put some Mint over where your pancreas is and take the Intention Disc and put it over that area.  It stuck there and even when I got up it still stuck.  I also used the Green Laser and put the Citrus Silk for my fingernails and toenails.  I used the Red Laser over the nails which aligns your body very quickly.  I did everything she told me to do and I knew exactly what time it was when this first started.

I was supposed to go to a church meeting that night and it was my time to bring the food which I had about half ready and there was no way I was going to go.  Within 20 minutes, my blood sugar was normal and my headache was gone.  It’s no telling what would have happened if I had gone to the hospital.  I was well in 20 minutes, I had my bearings, I finished preparing the food, and was so grateful.  I went to the church meeting, came home, cleaned everything up, and felt fantastic.

When I woke up this morning, my blood sugar was perfect.  These products were awesome before but they are really profound and I can see how they can actually save someone’s life.  I am so grateful for Lorraine calling me and helping me through that yesterday.  She told me if we use the products on a regular basis to bring our frequencies up instead of when a crisis comes up, then our bodies become entrained, meaning pulling our bodies into that level of higher frequencies and then we won’t have those experiences like I had.  I really learned so much how powerful these products are which can change our lives.



Cramps – Menstral (Intention Disc, Green Laser, Frequency Disc, Mint Matrix)

My daughter has been having unusually strong menstrual cramps & heavy bleeding afterward.  On 10/2/11, she didn’t tell me until after the cramps had subsided.  I had the Intention Discs & Green NaturaLaser, so I shined it on her lower abdomen and gave her the Intention Disc, which she held and then rubbed around her abdomen.  The next day she said her flow had reduced to less than what was normal on the 2nd day.  On 10/29/11, she told me when she had the cramps so I had her take the Frequency Disc to bed with her.  On 10/30/11, she said the pain was gone, but she still was having very heavy bleeding, so I had her put a drop of Mint Matrix in her belly button and rub a drop on her lower abdomen, insides of her feet near her Achilles, and then I shined the Green NaturaLaser in her naval for 30 seconds.  Later that day she said her flow was normal again and felt much better.

My daughter wanted to see if the Frequency Disc would help her and to her amazement it stuck to her abdomen while she was standing.  This was after her bout with the cramps & heavy bleeding, but she has had stomach problems all of her life so we believe it was working on that area.  She said it felt like it was sucking in more, so I asked if I could take a picture and she said “Oh yeah, it sure is proof it really does this – Awesome!”



Detox (Sirius Silver, Frequency Disc, Intention Disc, Sirius Infinity Pointer)

A friend tried to detox her body by taking a one hour bath with 2 capfuls of Sirius Silver, a Frequency Disc, an Intention Disc and a Sirius Infinity Pointer.  After 20 minutes she added Dead Sea salts.  She felt much clearer after the bath, and then later that day the detox was so strong that she was flushed, perspiring, and had a fever.  She felt great the next morning and was very pleased with the result.



Pain – Arm Broken (Intention Disc, Frequency Disc, Sodalite Window Pendant, Sirius Balance Pendant)

Rick and I were at an in-home meeting and asked for volunteers so he could demonstrate the Intention Disc and how it could help clear emotional trauma from injuries.  Everyone volunteered Susan to go up who told about recently breaking her arm, had no money for insurance and had healed it with the help of a frequency disc put into the inside of a homemade sling in 4 weeks but it didn’t heal completely straight.  So she went through the process with Rick and could feel a lot of stress relieved with the Intention Disc and felt a lot better about it.  Then a few minutes later after the meeting, I worked a little more with her with the Intention Disc and Sodalite Pendant and the Sirius Pendant was placed on her elbow where it had broken and the arm just actually straightened out in front of everyone.  She let out a scream and was screaming with joy and saying, “look at my arm! – look at my arm!”  So we all ran in there and saw that her arm was completely straightened.  What was so profound was that she could not straighten her arm before.  There is always an emotional component to  the healing and condition which this product helps to unblock.  It was just an awesome experience to witness.



Pain – Feet (Intention Disc, Sodalite Pendant, Basic Pendant, Mint Matrix, Green Laser)

About 15 years ago when I owned my own Dance Studio, from overuse, I had the Metatarsals in my feet fall and they sit on the nerves in my feet.  I was unable to walk for about a year but I continued teaching by sitting in a rolling chair and pulling myself along the floor to be able to teach my students.  The only things doctors wanted to do was to put steel rods in my feet so I could not bend my toes anymore but it would hold the Metatarsals up off my nerves hoping to not have any more pain but I would essentially have club feet because there would be no flexibility in them.  I told them NO – I would just live with the pain.

I did get some relief from the previous company’s product.  On September 15th when I read how to use the Intention Disc and the Sodalite Pendant in clearing trauma from the cells in your body, I went to bed that night with the Intention Disc in my left hand and the Sodalite Pendant in the right hand and followed exactly what it said on the protocol sheet about releasing any trauma left over from this event and the ensuing years that could be held in memory in the cells in my feet.  I also held 2 of the different ZPG pendants – I had left a pair of socks on and put the pendants in the socks on top of my metatarsals down by my toes, so I went to bed when I did this.

In about 2 minutes of repeating this information in different ways instructing my body to let go and release this – all of a sudden it was like someone turned the burner up on the gas stove and it was just like WOOSH.  I could feel and see in my mind’s eye that white ball of energy being held in each hand and sitting on the top of each foot – it was a very, very intense feeling.  Everyone may not have this kind of response – different things happen for different people but that is what happened for me. It was a feeling of energy that lasted for 5 or 6 minutes and I slept so well that night and didn’t get up one time.

The next morning when I got up I could feel the carpet and wiggle my toes – normally my toes were like webbed toes but I could wiggle them.  When I put on my shoes and socks, I could feel the texture of my socks and could feel my shoes.  Normally the only way I could get feeling like that is with reflexology done on my feet and would last 2 or 3 days and then it would come back to the numb feeling.  I still have that feeling in my feet and this is October 10th.  The other thing I did was apply the Mint Matrix all over my feet and then ran the Green Laser over them.   That brought the intensity up.  What I felt originally was from the Intention Disc and Sodalite Pendant which gave me a boost.  The constant pain is gone and what I feel is a buzzing energy.  That is huge for me.

I went to the convention and people commented they couldn’t believe how long I was able to stand on my feet, walking, maneuvering etc – they were just amazed at how much more I was able to do.  Yes, I was tired and yes they started hurting again but the improvement was amazing.  The night I had gone up to Rick Bergen’s room when everyone was invited up for drinks, conversation and snacks.  I had decided I was going to my room as it was late but I went up and handed my empty cup to Rick Fleshman to throw away but he filled it up and I sat down next to his wife and Sandi from WI was standing next to me and someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked if they could borrow my Sodalite Pendant that I was wearing.   Someone wanted to use it for clearing of trauma – I said sure – just bring it back when you’re done.

When they took it off of my neck I just had this over-whelming sense of loss like a relative had been taken away from and tears started rolling down my cheek.  I was totally blown away.  Pretty soon she brought it back and said the gal was having such a release with just the Intention Disc and didn’t want to use the Sodalite Pendant so I said ok.  I put it back on and I was okay again.  I don’t believe I will be taking it off again.



Pain – Finger (Red Laser, Intention Disc, Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix)

When I was at work on Wednesday, I was lifting 6 pre-hung heavy doors on to a cart and the last one slipped out of my hands hurting the knuckle on my index finger.  So I went back to my desk rubbing it as it hurt a little and then lasered it a little with my Red Laser and got busy and forgot about it.  Thursday morning I had off from work and when I got up I could not lift a coffee cup and could not move my finger as it was so swollen with the knuckle about 3 times the size it should have been.  I started lasering it and took my Intention Disc and layed it around my knuckle and tied it on.  By the end of the day, the swelling and pain had gone down quite a bit but it did not move.  So the next day I’m lasering it and putting oils on and at night put the disc on again.  The Intention disc worked better for me than the frequency disc.



Pain – Legs (Sodalite Window Pendant, Intention Disc)

I have been doing energetic wellness since 1994 and have been using the products for 2-1/2 yrs now.  Last January I had been going through a detox after having a healing session with a practitioner and was in bed couple of days recuperating and started having this aching in my legs that was so uncomfortable.  I am very adverse to taking any pain medication.  I worked with my tools but every time it shifted and would come back and it got so unbearable, I just could not shift this pain which was very unusual for me.  As I sat there on the 3rd and 4th day I started thinking there is always an emotion or thought form that is always connected with pain.  So I connected with the Sodalite Pendant and Intention Disc and set the intention that whatever was connected with this pain that I was willing, grateful and effortless able to transmute it – to change its form from whatever it was, back to the healthy balance energy system that it had come from.  And as I sat there and set these intentions, it was almost as if it was lifted off of me.  I know some may wonder “how is that possible” – well I said the same thing to myself because as much as I’ve worked with these tools it seemed like an impossible experience.  But within moments the pain lifted because it had come and gone like it was waiting to come back but it never did.  It just completely shifted back into that state of energetic balance.  I was so incredibly grateful as I work with these tools often with my clients and have found them to be profoundly beneficial in assisting others out of emotional pain into energetic wellness, and it has just been a great blessing.



Pneumonia (Sirius Silver, Sirius Balance Pendant, Intention Disc)

I had gotten pneumonia but I went to the convention anyway really dragging thru it.  I had been taking another type of vibrational silver but wasn’t cutting it.  We got the Sirius Silver on the last day of the convention and took a couple doses that day and by evening were ready to hang out with anyone who wanted to have some fun.  I saw how much more powerful this silver was from the other I had been using.  After flying home and having another 2 days catch-up at home, I had a little bit of a relapse and then put 1 TBSP of the Silver in my bath water – I was just coughing like crazy – also had Sirius Pendant on with Intention disc in the water too.  I barely coughed that night and didn’t cough at all the next day, so it kicked out that last little bit of pneumonia I had left in my body.



Throat Problem (Sodalite Window Pendant, Intention Disc, Sirius Silver)

I had a problem with singing in church with my throat.  I was wearing the Sodalite Pendant and using the Intention disc as well.  I noticed the first week that I didn’t have any pain trying to sing.  I did still have a strain in my voice.  This week we did a lot of singing and I was able to sing all of the songs with no pain or strain in my throat until the very last song.  I was just so amazed and so impressed.  I also did clearing around my throat with the Sodalite pendant and intention disc.  I also sprayed some silver in my throat and think I probably had some bacteria lodged in it which helped it too.  I was thrilled it has healed so well.



Accident – Shattered Wrist (Intention Disc, Sodalite Window Pendant)

About a year ago I was involved in a balcony crash where I shattered my wrist which was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.  There was one surgery with a plate and 8 screws and this last May I had another surgery to remove the metal.  I went through months of physical therapy and regained about 80% of my mobility and I was surprised when I was released from my physical therapist saying the rest was up to me, and it’s up to time and it was a tossup whether I would get it up to 100%.   I then went to a Chiropractor who was the first person to tell me about clearing the emotional trauma surrounding my accident.    He used a technique called “tapping” and a few other things and with one visit I could see my mobility slightly improve.  He told me that a traumatic experience has an effect upon us and our mobility.   He said it would contribute to recreating the experience over and over.  He said if I would clear my emotions around the accident, it would aid my recovery.  So I went home, got the Intention Disc and Sodalite Pendant and followed the protocol on the website and I really only had to do it once.  It was amazing in that one experience how I could measure from 85 to 95% of my mobility returned, like a solid 10% in one session sitting there about 20 minutes.  I actually focused on the accident which became easier and easier and suddenly became apathetic about it – I felt like I was complete, I put them down and measured my mobility again and I was able to move my hand in a way just in one setting that I wasn’t able to do before.  I do it about once a month now around that experience.



Anxiety – Taking Air Force Test (Red Laser, Mint Matrix, Intention Disc, Green Laser, Citrus Silk)

On 11/17/11 my Daughter had a test to take for entering the Air Force, which she knew was going to be very hard to pass.  She was very nervous and had a backache, so asked if I had something that would help.  I shined the Red NaturaLaser on her crown, her forehead, inside of her wrist, and back of her neck for about 30 seconds each.  I then put some Mint Matrix on the bottom and top of her spine and ran the Red NaturaLaser up and down her spine and across her hips.  I then handed her the Intention Disc and told her to hold it and state an intention for her nervousness to dissipate and be replaced with confidence and recall of what she learned from her studies.  She said her back felt much better and that she felt calmer.  She took the Intention Disc with her also and kept it in her pocket.  She said she didn’t pass the test, but did much better than on the pre-test and wasn’t tensed up at all.

Update:  On 12/1/11 my Daughter went to re-take her test after coming home early from work to use the products first.  She did not have a backache, so I had her put some Mint Matrix in her navel and rub the residual on her fingers on her temples.  Then I shined the Green NaturaLaser on her crown, her forehead, the inside of her wrist and at her brain stem area for about 30 seconds each.  I gave her the Intention Disc and told her to this time state she was ready to release any incoherent energy that kept her from passing her Air Force test and that it is now her intention to have full clarity and focus to allow her to pass it now.  She took the Intention Disc with her again along with a water bottle with Citrus Silk in it.  And…yes She PASSED!  She is so happy the products were available to help her get through this phase!



Anxiety – Work Issues (Intention disc)

After reading about how others have responded emotionally to the Intention Disc I began reflecting on my use of this pendant. I wear my intention disc as a necklace every day to work. I work at a hospital which is rife with patient drama, nurse/doctor/staff conflicts and inter-office politics. It can be a very emotionally draining and contentious atmosphere in which to work. I have even been the target of a fair amount of (unwarranted) character assassination.

As I said, after reading about the emotional aspects of wearing the Intention Disc I began to realize how every day I’ve gone to work, somehow, even though I was initially feeling depressed, unmotivated or worried about what the day held and, except for a few of the worst days, I have been able to go in with enthusiasm and a smile on my face.

I really do believe the disc helps me process my feelings and fortify me for the day. I do notice I feel stronger and more self-assured without there really being any other reason for this confidence other than I am wearing the disc.

D. Davis


Childhood Fears (Sodalite Window Pendant, Intention Disc)

I have been wearing the Sodalite Pendant with the Intention Disc in my pocket.  Then at night I put the Intention Disc under my pillow.  I have learned that this combination does its work while you are asleep.  The other night I woke up to go to bathroom and in the process of waking up, I was still having childhood memories of strange noises that were causing an emotional reaction in me as a little child.  I’m 67 now.   As I was up for several minutes, I had forgotten about those things happening but those emotional experiences I had of unknown types of noises was not something I’d experienced in 60 years and it was coming out now.  So I am convinced it does internal house cleaning.  So if you wear the pendant while sleeping and put Intention disc under pillow I’m convinced because of things that happened over last several weeks it does gradually start to clear out stressful emotional experiences you had as a child automatically while you are asleep.



Death of Brother (Sodalite Window Pendant, Intention Disc)

I was using the Sodalite pendant with the Intention disc doing some emotional clearing around the death of my brother because he was assaulted and passed away with injuries and there was a trial and the funeral and it was a pretty horrendous time in our life.  This happened 9 years ago – I had forgiven the person and that sort of thing and I thought I’d already dealt with it, but I felt such an emotional release with tears starting to flow.  So then I did a lot of other clearing from childhood on and felt such tremendous release feeling happy and light.  But then I also noticed that I was going to the bathroom urinating a lot and I thought this was just another way the body had to release all of that toxic wave form that’s been stuck in my body, so that was huge.  Then last night for the first time instead of holding the Intention disc, I put it under my pillow for the first time and didn’t wear the pendant because muscle testing showed I didn’t need it but when I laid down I noticed I had this real warm sensation on my right shoulder and going down the side of my body and thought that was cool.  I then drifted off to sleep and did have a GREAT sleep.



Intestinal Issues for 2 Years – Totally Gone! (Intention Disc)

I have had intestinal problems with runs for 2 years because of quite a bit of emotional stress and trauma.  I have treated it with over-the-counter meds off and on.  I got the Intention Disc, held it, and asked to have the trauma that was causing my intestinal problems to be released from my body and for that to get back to normal.  I then ran the Intention Disc on my stomach while laying on my side and it stuck on the side of my hip.  When I turned over about 20 minutes later, it stayed on for a few minutes and when it came off I ran it on the side of my other hip and it stuck again.  The next day I ran it on my stomach again and up my left arm where it stuck under my shoulder and stayed on while I was typing on my computer.  When it fell off I went to watch a TV show and ran it up my right arm where it stuck just a little lower than it had on my left.  I also had left it on a table for a while in between using it on my arms and when I picked it up it was cold, but within a few minutes I felt it get very warm…warm enough that I took it out of my hand with my other hand and noticed the red marks in it were very bright yet it was still cool on the side that had not been touching the palm of my hand.  I’m not sure what it was doing on my arms, but I do know the symptoms of the actual health issue can be caused by something else, so it wouldn’t surprise me if my body needed attention there.  The result was that I have been completely back to normal since then!  It is so AWESOME not to have this issue after all this time – Thank you ZeroPoint Global for making such incredible products!!!



Physical Negative Energy (Intention Disc)

I woke up in middle of the night with a pain in my left side – enough to wake me from a sound sleep which was very uncomfortable.  So I grabbed the Intention Disc from off the dresser and put it on my left side and within a matter of minutes I went off to sleep quickly and didn’t recall the pain any longer and didn’t wake up until the morning.  So not only does it clear emotional traumas, but it also clears physical negative energy because it did take away my pain immediately.



Reverse Polarity (Sodalite Window Pendant, Intention Disc)

I noted when I went to bed last night with the Intention Disc and the Sodalite Pendant – I did some clearing and for the next 2 hours I experienced what I call a ‘therapeutic pulse’ which I and others have noticed – that when healing is going on in the physical and energetic body there is a very noticeable “pulsing”.  I was amazed to find out that it went on for 2 hours with me – WOW, with the Pendant and the Disc. I am aware, due to my previous training in muscle checking and how energy flows in the body, I have noticed that some people may have ‘reverse polarity’, it might be appropriate for some people to have the disc and pendant in opposite hands than what is shown on the brochure.  So if you find you are not getting results you might experiment and try this.



Addiction to Ice Cream (Sodalite Window Pendant, Intention Disc)

I grew up on a farm and the treat we had as children was ice cream.  So I have had an addiction for ice cream all my life.  I have worked in holistic wellness for over 30 years and have gotten rid of everything else – I can pass up cookies and pies but never have been able to get rid of the ice cream addiction.  So I did the protocol on the Technical Data sheets for the clearing set and did a meditation with the Sodalite Pendant and Intention Disc about a month ago asking to clear the emotional trauma that was causing the addiction from my childhood.  I have not had any cravings for the last 4 weeks – I can totally ignore it just like everything else now.  I love these products – they are great.



Anxiety – Stress, Fear (Sodalite Window Pendant, Intention Disc)

A feeling of fear, stress and anxiety was pretty heavy this morning.  I held the Intention Disc in left hand and the Sodalite Window Pendant in the right and took deep breaths each time I said to myself “My intention is to remove this fear, stress and anxiety and bring balance back into my body.   After about 2 minutes that feeling was totally gone and I felt peaceful.



Fear — Holding Home Demo (Sodalite Window Pendant, Intention Disc)

When I received it, the first night I held it with me asking to clear all patterns in my life that kept me from my financial goals. I went about my usual days promoting my products. One of my deepest fears has always been having a demonstration at my home. Well, the Universe answered my prayer. One of my best friends, who is a Reflexologist, called letting me know she will be in Maryland all of November and offered to give her foot detox treatment at my home. I shared with her my new products and we began to plan this event. My creative juices are flowing and I’m excited as I begin to put the word out!!! Thanks so much for your suggestions on the call.



Releasing Past Hindrances (Basic  Window Pendant, Intention Disc)

An associate friend who is a Massage Therapist has been sharing the products with others but has not been able to see or feel anything what they have been doing for her.  So I went over to her house and asked her to hold the Intention Disc in her left hand but I didn’t have the Sodalite Pendent so I gave her the pendent I had on asking her to say “Please allow my body to be open to this product (blah, blah, blah)…and release now”. (I can’t remember the exact words).   Then had her sit quietly and all of a sudden she felt this energy come up to her throat to release and now she can feel things.  The Intention Disc allowed her to release things in her past and allowed this energy to come into her body so she can now benefit from the products like her patients do.



Dog – Energy Attraction (Intention Disc, Sodalite Window Pendant)

Every time I go to see my friend, she comments how her dog likes to stay by my feet.  She says my dog just loves your energy, she never does this with anybody else.  So we were doing some muscle testing and she put her dog over by the couch and told her to stay there.  The dog jumped off the couch and was right back at my feet.  I then took my intention disc out of my pocket and was holding it out.  The dog just got up on her hind paws as I was moving it around and it was like she was just bouncing for this thing.  My friend had to put her upstairs as we couldn’t get the testing done.  Later she brought her dog back down and was holding her.  The dog was stretching out as far as she could stretch towards me.  I was wearing the Sodalite pendant too so don’t know if it was just one or the combination of both.  It was amazing to watch this dog reaching for this energy.