Sirius Infinity Ionizer Written Testimonials


Accident – Fell on Ice (Red Laser, Green Laser, Infinity Ionizer, Frequency Disc, Mint Matrix)

I had a demonstration where people came by to see the products in a church hall.  When it was all finished on a Friday after midnight, I was doing a delivery to a consultant who was taking off first thing the next morning.  In the dark, I did not see a sheet of glared ice as I was hurrying to the door, my feet went out from underneath me and I feel my knee go backwards and crashed down upon my kneecap and my hip lying there unable to move for 2 minutes.  My friend noticed I wasn’t coming to the door and came out and helped me hobble to the car to make the delivery.  The lady had to come to my car as I was too badly injured.  I got the Red and Green Laser and Infinity Ionizer out of my purse shining them on my kneecap area and said I need to go to the hospital where I was admitted.  I was 9 hours in emergency, had some X-rays and when the doctor came to examine my knee, it appeared there were no fractures but looked like I ripped the ligaments off of the bone since I wasn’t able to put any weight on my leg.  I’d have to wear a splint or a cast with fiberglass and foam which would immobilize my leg and when the inflammation was down they’d look at surgery to reattach the ligaments.  My initial assessment was I would have months of pain.  I had all my products with me so while in the emergency room I got them out, put a frequency disc underneath my knee and put Mint Matrix on it.  My knee was swelled up to 3 times it’s size but I wasn’t having hardly any pain.  They put the splint on and had to use crutches.  At home I continued using the products faithfully and regularly and I am amazed to find that after the initial 2 days of inflammation I was hardly having any pain which is unusual for having an injury like this.  It is now day 6 and I am able to put my foot down on the floor putting weight on it, whereas they told me it would be quite a few weeks.  I am so amazed at the body’s ability to heal itself so quickly when given the information that our products contain and operating at such a level that I am doing excelerated healing.



Arthritis (Infinity Ionizer)

I have had arthritis in my thumb for 15 years.   It was so bad, I had to give up golf and learn how to pick up bowls when I was cooking etc.  I dropped and broke an antique crystal bowl one day so I had to learn different ways to pick up things.  I started using the Infinity Ionizer on the joints and didn’t think it did anything.  So about10 minutes later  I did it again and now I can play golf again and pick up big pans in water, etc.  It’s been a life saver and saved me a lot of grief.

Pat – TX


Cancer – Throat (Mint Matrix, Sodalite Window Pendant, Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

My lady friend who went to Hawaii that was diagnosed with possible throat cancer was given the suggestion to use the Mint Matrix around her neck area and wear the Sodalite Pendant close to her throat.  She also had one of the Ionizers.  She went to her doctor on Monday for an ultrasound and he said she was all clear.  He thought her problem came from over medication of the medicine she was taking.



Detox (Sirius Silver, Frequency Disc, Intention Disc, Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

A friend tried to detox her body by taking a one hour bath with 2 capfuls of Sirius Silver, a Frequency Disc, an Intention Disc and a Sirius Infinity Ionizer.  After 20 minutes she added Dead Sea salts.  She felt much clearer after the bath, and then later that day the detox was so strong that she was flushed, perspiring, and had a fever.  She felt great the next morning and was very pleased with the result.



Diabetes (Green Laser, Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

I’m a Naturopathic and Homeopathic doctor and have been using laser technology for the last 15 years.  I’m quite versed in it – I do a lot of sports teams & world class athletes.  I was skeptical when I heard about ZeroPoint Global’s products but hearing about the frequencies embedded in the lasers I thought was really intriguing.  So yesterday I had an opportunity to use it on a patient with severe diabetes and peripheral neuropathy mostly in the feet but now starting in the hands.  I used my expensive lasers on him on previous treatments and I got about a 50% effectiveness with the extreme pain that he had and about 50% of the numbness removed from the feet.  So I took the Green laser along with the Ionizer doing a combination of both and almost immediately he was 100% better – no pain.  Results were immediate and way beyond my expectations in regards to this product and I am just thrilled and certainly going to let everybody know about this product that I can.



Headache – Migraine (Frequency Disc, Mint Matrix, Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

One of my friends has had migraine headaches for years, which only occur on cloudy days.  During the 4th Anniversary Conference in Las Vegas it was cloudy and rainy, so I called her up to see how she was doing and as I suspected she was home with a migraine.  I invited her to come to the Open Opportunity Meeting that evening to see if the products would help her.  She really didn’t want to go anywhere, but was willing to try anything, so she came to the meeting.  Rick Fleshman called on her to come up to do a strength test, so I said she has a migraine headache.  He asked her what her pain level was and she said it was 9.  She could definitely tell the difference when the products were introduced during the strength test.  Afterward, he sent her to the back of the room with Rick Bergen who put a frequency disc on her upper back below the neck where it stuck, rubbed a drop of Mint Matrix on both of her temples and used the Sirius Infinity Ionizer on her temples for about 5 minutes each and in between, about 2-3 minutes on the back of her neck.  He then asked her what her pain level was and she said it was about 5, but she could really tell it was much better than when she got there.  The Frequency Disc was still stuck, so He said she could go ahead and sit with me with it for the remainder of the meeting.  Just before the meeting was over Rick Fleshman asked her what her pain level was and she said it was about 2 and she felt so much better!  She thanked me profusely for offering her the opportunity to get this relief!  It is so rewarding to know I helped her with this!!!



Jaw (Red Laser, Sirius Infinity Ionizer, Frequency Disc)

My jaw was out of alignment and spent quite a bit of time using the red laser and the Ionizer going over and over it.  I thought it felt a little better.  Then I went to bed that night and had my tools like the intention disc under the pillow, my pendant, my wand and the only thing I hadn’t done before was sleep with the frequency disc under my pillow which I did now and this morning my jaw is aligned and my teeth are meeting – this is so awesome for me.  I wish I could say which one thing did it.  I felt the most when I was working on it with the new Sirius Ionizer but I think it was a combination of working it and then sleeping on the frequency disc.  I am happy – I have my face back – I can eat!



Pain – Back Problems, Chronic (Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

A friend of my husband’s was visiting along with two other friends and complained of a bad backache.  He has chronic back problems, goes to a doctor regularly for it, and it was obvious he was in quite a lot of pain and pacing around.  So, I got my Sirius Infinity Ionizer and told him I would like him to try it.  He asked what it was and said it looked like a pen, so I briefly explained what it is and how it works and he said ok.  I let him point it at the areas he felt the pain.  He did this for about 10 minutes in the worst area and about 5 minutes in 2-3 other areas and handed the Ionizer back to me.  About 10 minutes later he looked around at everyone and said “Guys I have to say that whatever that thing did I was at a pain level of 9 and I would say it is at 2 now and my back feels so much better!  I can sit here, which you know I couldn’t sit this long before.  And I can stand up (he stood up) and sit back down with a lot less pain.”  Everyone said “Cool, great, awesome!”  I smiled and asked if he would like to borrow it overnight to see if it helped even more and he accepted gratefully.  The next time I saw him, two evenings later, he returned my Sirius Infinity Ionizer and reported he had absolutely no pain.  Since, I didn’t have the Mint Matrix and the Red NaturaLaser, I was so HAPPY just this tool helped him!  Update:  He has had pain since, but said it has not been near what it has been in the past, so we believe the Sirius Infinity Pointed assisted his body get his back into much better condition than what it was!



Pain – Back, Lower (Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

I had just gotten the Sirius Ionizer so John came over for me to use it on his lower spine area where his back was really sore with tight muscles.  After the 1st minute he started to get warm all over his body and got into a sweat.  Then he experienced tingling sensations going down both legs and his muscles started to relax and the pain was dissipating.  He said this experience was so much more profound than when he had done this with other wands.  He also mentioned he hadn’t been so relaxed in a long time.



Tom-MDPain – Chronic Fatigue (Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

I went to see a gal yesterday who had Chronic Fatigue Syndrone and had been very sick with severe pain for a long time.  She said her arm was so sore and it was like a gripping pain that runs deep from the neck down the arm.  After opening her Chakras (Energy Centers) I held the Sirius Infinity Ionizer.  on the spots that were really the worst as well as running it up and down the arm.  She said it felt like it was really going deep because the pain was so deep and it was just relieving it.  I did it for around 10 minutes or less.  She was one happy gal when I left.



Pain – Feet (Sirius Infinity Ionizer, Sirius Balance Pendant)

My feet always swelled and hurt for days after flying in an airplane.  On my last trip I used the Sirius infinity Ionizer and wore the Sirius Balance Pendant.  I had great energy and no pain from swollen feet.



Pain – Gout (Mint Matrix, Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk, Red Laser, Green Laser, Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

Yesterday when I woke up my big toe on right foot was solidly swollen looking like the gout was coming back.  I’ve had gout so bad from my big toe all the way up my leg in one night.  Lu said “maybe I shouldn’t have gotten off the gout meds” but I said no, I have worked and worked on it putting Mint Matrix, Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk, using the Red and Green Laser and the Sirius Ionizer over and over little increments at a time.  I woke up today and my right foot is in better shape now than the left one which I hadn’t worked on too much yesterday.  The gout or whatever it was is gone.  I can waggle my toe which I could hardly move before.  I had really bad pain in it yesterday.  When I drove by the hockey rings yesterday, I said to myself I’m going to skate again and play hockey which I had thought was a thing of the past for me.  I know it’s coming.



Pain – Hip (Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

Bill has an issue with his left hip that has arthritis in it and the doctor wants to give him a hip replacement.  Bill doesn’t want that.  I had wanded him over the last year with the previous wand which gave him some degree of success but not enough to continue.  So when I got the Sirius Infinity Ionizer he wanted to give it a try.  He noticed within a matter of minutes the pain was completely gone which really impressed him.  He then wanted to try it on his right hip in which he was feeling a tingling sensation all through that area which impressed him even more, saying this is much more potent than the older wand.



Pain – Knee (Red Laser, Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

Saturday I went to church and banged my knee real hard on the pew.  It hurt so bad.  I had my Red Laser in my purse so I immediately used it on my knee about 3 minutes.  Then I took the Ionizer and rubbed it back and forth gently on the spot and I did not get a bruise at all.



Pain – Neck (Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

Ann is in a wheelchair and wanted to try the Sirius Ionizer on the side of her neck where it was hurting and her neck and shoulder muscles were real tight.  When using the Ionizer the muscles began to relax and the pain dissipating.  She was feeling so relaxed she started falling asleep.



Pain – Rotator Cuff, Bursitis (Sirius Silver, Green Laser, Sirius Infinity Ionizer, Frequency Disc)

My sister came over and told me she had deep pain and stiffness throughout her rotator cuff that sent shooting pain when she used it at work, which is quite often.  She couldn’t raise it 1/3 up her side and around at all without pain. We sprayed Sirius Silver over the top of her rotator and I shined the Green NaturaLaser over that area for 30 seconds.  She felt a little better, but it was still pretty stiff and painful.

We discussed that the Red NaturaLaser might be better to use since it is primarily for muscular/skeletal, but I didn’t have it yet.  However, I did have the Sirius Infinity Ionizer so I got it and circled the top of her rotator cuff for 30 seconds.  She said she felt better yet, but asked to see if the Frequency Disc would help more.  She ran it up her arm and it stuck right at her rotator cuff for about 10 minutes and then fell off. Within 5 minutes she said she could feel popping in the whole area like the fluid sac was releasing.  The next day she reported it was still a little stiff, but she felt it was 80% better so was really glad we used the Sirius Infinity Ionizer and Frequency Disc.  We are looking forward to using the Red NaturaLaser and/or Sirius Infinity Ionizer on it again soon and we’ll have an update!

Update: When I asked my Sister on 11/8/11 how her rotator cuff was feeling, she said she hadn’t had any pain, could still move her arm up above her head and completely around with no pain.  She said, “Most of all I don’t have the dull ache from my Chronic Bursitis every day”.  I said, “What? I thought you had a pain in your shoulder area, I never knew this was chronic!”  Funny, how we just deal with pain and don’t think about it until it flares up.  On 11/17/11, she said she still has no pain or dull ache in her shoulder.



Pain – Shingles (Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

I use the Sirius Infinity Ionizer and am having GREAT results with Shingles outbreak.  I taped it to the area that is painful, left it there overnight and the pain was totally gone in the morning.



Pain – Shoulder (Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

I sent my 91 year-old mother (who lives in Canada) a Sirius Infinity Ionizer because she had been suffering with a sore shoulder for over four months.  She had a hard time sleeping because of it and generally was in constant steady pain.  My mother used the Ionizer as soon as she got it and the pain was completely gone in a matter of minutes.  It has not come back.  She is thrilled!



Polio Victim (Basic Pendant, Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

I happen to have an extra Tiger’s Eye Pendant and a thought had occurred to me that perhaps Anne (my friend that had Polio) might be interested in taking a look at it since she had been having me use the Sirius Infinity Ionizer on the base of her lower neck several times with a moderate reduction in her neck pain and stiffness with a five minute session.

Anne had Polio and was confined to a motorized wheel chair, a very nice and friendly lady and I showed her the Tigers Eye pendant and a couple of photos of frequency disk being stuck to different body areas on people.  She was amazed at these photos and took the pendant and put it on the area of her lower neck that is always hurting her and the Tigers Eye pendant stuck to her skin like a magnet.  When she realized what had just happened, she turned her head both directions and suddenly realized that her neck ceased being stiff and sore and she could not find any pain or stiffness at all, even though she would move her head far to the left and right.  She was so amazed with an astonished look in her face, she was about to start crying.  After regaining her composure, she kept her hand on the pendant as it was sticking to the base of her neck and kept moving her head to the right and left in total astonishment and amazement saying “I can’t believe what I’m able to do with my neck and actually look in both directions!”

Her husband was standing there watching all of this and she said to him: “I want this pendant, pay him!”, which he obediently did. I was planning to offer it to her to try out for a week or so to see if it would help her painful neck but she wanted it right now!



Sinus (Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

This past weekend I was sleeping and woke up around 3am realizing I couldn’t breathe through my nose – my sinuses were swollen.  We were going through a seasonal change with lots of mold coming off the leaves and I’m sure it was some kind of reaction.  I sat up blowing my nose but nothing was coming out.  I grabbed my Sirius Ionizer on my nightstand holding it to the bridge of my nose and sort of gave a command for the sinuses to open.  Within 10 minutes the passages opened with the swelling going down so quickly and no drainage at all.  This was a great physical and emotional relief for me realizing that I wasn’t getting a cold and just having a reaction.  The Sirius Ionizer just helped it calm down very nice.



Sinus (Sirius Silver, Sirius Infinity Ionizer, Frequency Disc)

I had an issue going on this weekend with my sinuses and when I sneezed it was tight and uncomfortable.  I used the Sirius Silver and my vitamins.  What I discovered when I tested myself was there was bacteria lodged in my sinuses for quite some time.  I took the Sirius Ionizer and stuck it right in my nose for about 30 seconds which gave relief into the sinuses over my eyes.  The testing also showed bacteria stuck in under my eyes so I kept running the Ionizer back and forth across there before going to bed last night maybe a couple minutes.  I also slept with the frequency disc under my pillow a couple nights and my problem was totally relieved.



Sinus (Red Laser, Green Laser, Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

I have been going through a huge issue of stress and long time sinus issue.  I have taken my lasers putting one on one side and one on the other side at night and I clip them with a binder clip so they stay on and hit the left and right lymphatic system which helps to detox the body.  You will go into a detox and get somewhat of a headache for a couple of days.  The stress is not bothering me like it was, I have more clarity and energy during the day, my breathing and sinuses are better and I feel totally different in my body.  I can feel it work in my whole body but start slow as it will detox you.  I sometimes put the Sirius Ionizer in my belly button which helps tremendously with emotional things you are going through.



Wrinkles (Citrus Silk, Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

About 6 months ago I noticed I was getting parallel vertical creases between my eyebrows.  First I washed my face and applied the Citrus Silk on my face which I have always been doing.  I then took 2 of the Sirius Ionizers and using the sides rubbed them up my forehead starting at the bridge of my nose for about 45 seconds alternating them so there was always pressure on that area.  The wrinkles completely disappeared and I did it several more times since then and they have not returned.  So I am excited about the potential of this for wrinkles all over the face and encourage people to try it on different areas as well.




Avocado, Pico de Gallo (Frequency Disc, Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

I got avocados from our local grocery store and put all but two on the 8″ Frequency Disc, which I put in my pantry for the browning test – which to note later is in between my kitchen and family room.  Sis made guacamole from the ones on the disc for taste testing.  All 3 of us thought it was the best guacamole we had ever had…much more flavorful.  My Sister had brought a brand of pico de gallo that we like that comes in a plastic container and decided to bring it in.  She put 1/2 of the container in a bowl and put it on the 8″ Frequency Disc…leaving the other 1/2 in the container on another counter.  We did a wine test, which I will add after I get to the point with the avocados.  So, about 15 minutes later we tried the pico de gallo and our guest said she will have to remember the brand because it really was as good as we said.  My Sister and I thought it tasted even better than normal.  So, I got some out of the container and put in small taste cups and gave everyone one and we all turned our noses up to it because the tomatoes were not as firm or flavorful and it tasted bland compared to what was on the bowl that had been on the Frequency Disc…even though we liked it as it was before.  We had no idea how much better it could be.

OK, remember I said I left two avocados in my pantry for the browning test and used one?  I moved the other to my refrigerator crisper which has an 8″ disc in it.  This last Thursday 1-19-12, I was cleaning out my refrigerator and found the one lonely avocado, in the corner of the crisper that I completely forgot about from when I bought it around 11/1/11.  First thing I thought was yuk I don’t know if I even want to touch it.  But I did…it was not discolored, no fuzz and felt firm.  So, I cut it open and could not believe my eyes…all but 1/4 to the tip was brown and the rest green.  So I cut that off…tasted a small amount of the green and it tasted so good I decided to make a sandwich out of it.  It was great!…and that is 2-1/2 months later! I will add that store mixed salad in plastic bags are lasting 3 weeks to a month longer…my daughter is witnessing the dates on the packaging…last being from 1/11/12 that we are just now eating and hasn’t turned at all.  And she has spinach in there that she actually said, “Mom I got a ton of spinach in there so eat some soon if you want.”  I said, “Don’t forget there is a Frequency Disc in there” and she said “Oh yeah, it should be good for another week or two.”

The wine test…lol. I had a bottle of Yellow Tail Chardonnay that had been standing up for months (in another room) and would not be our wine of choice.  We put some in a decanter and put aside three taste testers.  My Sister used the SIP in the decanter for about 5 minutes and poured it in glasses which we tasted.  We were surprised it was smooth and tasted pretty good…not tart or dry as we expected.  Then we tasted the testers, which were very tart, dry, and reminded us why it would not be our choice!


Plants (Frequency Disc, Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

I had 2 plants that almost died while on vacation—all dead except for 3 tiny leaves.  I put the plant on an 8” frequency disc for 5 days and it now has 16 leaves and looks like a brand new plant.  I also used the Sirius Pendant on the water that I gave it.



Burning Sagebrush (Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

I was at a Trade Show with the products and someone was burning sagebrush or something when we came in and it really stunk.  Someone remarked it was burning their eyes.  I said, I’ll clear the air, so I took the Sirius Infinity Ionizer out and wanded the air.  In about 30 seconds she remarked—oh my gosh I can’t believe what a difference that makes.  She was so impressed that she came down to our booth as fast as she could.



Licensed Massage Therapist — Gets Repeat Business/More Referrals (Sirius Infinity Ionizer)

I find the Sirius Infinity Ionizer (S.I.P.) the most versatile and valuable tool I have.  I keep it hanging of my belt loop so it is always conveniently handy. The S.I.P. saves me hand effort as I use it as an extension of my hand on the whole body. It saves me time since it accelerates muscle balance and gives the client more massage for their money.  Using this tool also creates more rescheduling business.

I can use the tool on a trigger point, by placing my thumb at the top side of the S.I.P., and not having to use near the pressure to get relief.  As one client stated on her problematic area, it was as if the muscle just melted away. I can take the Ionizer as if it were a paint brush and sweep it fast across tight painful forearms enabling to do work with no discomfort in the area.

The two most amazing visible results come from taking the S.I.P. at the side tip with my thumb or finger and going down the grove that is along the spine.  Typically this takes at least 3-5 minutes.  With the Ionizer, I accomplish this is less than 1 minute and I do not have to repeat the process.

The most profound difference is in a technique where you hold pressure in the hollow at the base of the spine and rock the hip area.  Typically AFTER massaging the back area you can get it open to about the shoulder area, but using the S.I.P. at the hollow area and applying the mint matrix down the spine, the client’s back is open BEFORE even massaging them!

Brianna Flint, LMT from Ohio


Cats – Eating (Sirius Infinity Ionizer, Red Laser Green Laser)

My kitty cat cannot stop eating the food I give it that I place on a frequency disc, use the Sirius Ionizer, and the Red and Green Laser on the food.  They can absolutely sense that the meal they will be having is fit for a King or Queen.  They smile and say WOW!   After they finish eating they are just so gentle and placid – no meow, meow, meow – plus no upchucking from gobbling their food down.  I work on their food with our products just like I work on my own food.