Frequency Disc Written Testimonials


Alkaline – Acid (Frequency Disc, Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix)

I experimented to test the alkalinity of the products and what they would do with various drinks etc. I went from acidic to alkaline in one day.  Put a coke on top of the frequency disc – a saliva test showed it was changed to a 7.5 (purple).  The carbonation was still there and tasted good.  I put Citrus Silk and Mint Matrix in some coffee and it tasted like delicious chocolate mint coffee.



Accident – Fell Several Times (Frequency Disc, Mint Matrix)

My 81 year old friend Elaine had several falls recently. She fell on and bruised her hip and was limping with injured toes. Compensating for the boot she needed through her back out of place. As luck would have it she had just received her ZeroPoint products. I explained how to use the Frequency Disc. She found a place on her hip and the disc stuck for 6 hours during the night. Then she moved it on her shoulder. She is delighted that she has the disc. She also rubbed in the Mint Matrix on the sore spots.



Accident – Fell on Ice (Red Laser, Green Laser, Infinity Pointer, Frequency Disc, Mint Matrix)

I had a demonstration where people came by to see the products in a church hall.  When it was all finished on a Friday after midnight, I was doing a delivery to a consultant who was taking off first thing the next morning.  In the dark, I did not see a sheet of glared ice as I was hurrying to the door, my feet went out from underneath me and I feel my knee go backwards and crashed down upon my kneecap and my hip lying there unable to move for 2 minutes.  My friend noticed I wasn’t coming to the door and came out and helped me hobble to the car to make the delivery.  The lady had to come to my car as I was too badly injured.  I got the Red and Green Laser and Infinity Pointer out of my purse shining them on my kneecap area and said I need to go to the hospital where I was admitted.  I was 9 hours in emergency, had some X-rays and when the doctor came to examine my knee, it appeared there were no fractures but looked like I ripped the ligaments off of the bone since I wasn’t able to put any weight on my leg.  I’d have to wear a splint or a cast with fiberglass and foam which would immobilize my leg and when the inflammation was down they’d look at surgery to reattach the ligaments.  My initial assessment was I would have months of pain.  I had all my products with me so while in the emergency room I got them out, put a frequency disc underneath my knee and put Mint Matrix on it.  My knee was swelled up to 3 times it’s size but I wasn’t having hardly any pain.  They put the splint on and had to use crutches.  At home I continued using the products faithfully and regularly and I am amazed to find that after the initial 2 days of inflammation I was hardly having any pain which is unusual for having an injury like this.  It is now day 6 and I am able to put my foot down on the floor putting weight on it, whereas they told me it would be quite a few weeks.  I am so amazed at the body’s ability to heal itself so quickly when given the information that our products contain and operating at such a level that I am doing excelerated healing.



Allergy (Frequency Disc)

I was using the frequency disc which stuck to my shoulder.  The next day went to a friend’s house who has cats that I am allergic to.  This time they didn’t bother me and I slept very well with the discs right over my lungs.



Arthritis (Frequency Disc)

I would like to share my results in using the 8” frequency disc for my arthritis.  I used it every night and gradually every morning it was better.   I have had it for about 3 weeks and now do not wake up in the morning with any back arthritis pain.  I don’t know how it works but it certainly has worked for me.  I stuck the disc in a sock and wrapped it around my back.



Arthritis – Knee (Mint Matrix, Frequency Disc, Red Laser)

I have had a history of rheumatoid arthritis and had a flare up on my knee.  I have used the Mint Matrix on the knee and I do find some relief and do this several times a day, but last night my overall joints were aching so badly that I laid in bed for 2 hours trying to get comfortable and finally got to sleep.  I just got up, ran a hot bath putting about 1 tsp of the Mint Matrix in the water and the 8” frequency disc in also and sat in it for about 20 minutes.  I went back to bed and slept the most hours I have slept at one time for weeks.

Update: I also have had a hip issue recently and was thrilled with the relief I got with just using the Mint Matrix.  But now using the Red Laser with the Mint is just amazing.  I have not been able to get much sleep at night because of pain in my hips and last night since I had just gotten the Laser, I got up when it was hurting, rubbed the Mint on and used the Red Laser.  I then fell into such a deep sleep that I didn’t even hear my husband get up in the morning, so the combination has just been a great increase in the benefits so I really LOVE these products.



Carpal Tunnel (Frequency Disc)

I keep the 8” frequency disc under the mouse pad and no longer have carpal tunnel issues for that hand.



Carpal Tunnel (Frequency Disc)

My Sister is a cook and has a wrist problem from chopping for many years, which she believes is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  She knew I had received the Frequency Disc, so she came over and asked if she could use it on her wrist.  She kept it on it for about 10 minutes moving it around her wrist and hand.  By the time she left the ache in her wrist was almost gone.  She will be getting one soon!!!



Cold – Chest (Frequency Disc)

Several people had told me the frequency disc would stick to them in an area of concern that hurt or needed healing and I found that very interesting and the idea fascinated me.  So when I got mine I felt I was coming down with a chest cold so I layed down on the bed and felt around with the frequency disc in several areas of my chest to see what might happen.  It sucked down into my skin right in my lung area like a magnet where I felt something coming on.  I am very prone to Bronchitis and wanted to see how I would feel.

I felt the frequencies going into my lungs and could feel something like my lungs opening up and things moving around.  I had suffered from Bronchitis many years and also used to smoke.  I started coughing up some old junk that was still in me for about 5 or 10 minutes.  I got up to go into the next room and the disc was still stuck on me just like others had told me.  So I went back to lie on the bed again and it stuck on me for about an hour.  I knew intuitively that it was working on me and affecting whatever was going on in my lungs.  I started breathing so clearly and so freely and for next couple of days my lungs just felt so clear and free.  So I knew the disc had done something to help clear out my lungs.



Cold Virus (Mint Matrix, Frequency Disc)

I had gone to visit my friend in northern California between Christmas and New Years and she had caught a cold virus.  I was there for 3 days and on the drive home I started picking it up.  When I got home, I put the Mint Matrix across the bridge of my nose and all around my neck area as my throat was getting sore.  I took 2 small frequency discs and put one on each side of my neck, securing it with an Ace bandage so it would stay in place while I was sleeping.  Then I took a large frequency disc and put it under my mattress pad at the level of my lungs and put another on top of my lungs.  So I had a double sandwich going.  I did that because when I pick up a cold virus, I am down for 4 to 6 weeks and it goes into my lungs.  The last time I had one in 2010, I ended up going to the emergency room because I was so ill and some thought I was sounding like I had the beginnings of pneumonia.  So this time, in 2 days my throat was totally fine and in 4 days I was totally well.  The discs allowed my body to totally heal itself, never going into my chest, I never got laryngitis – it was awesome.  It was the best cold I’ve ever had!



Cramp – Calf (Frequency Disc)

The frequency disc is my best friend for this.  I first used the 8” disc and put it right at the side of my calf and the leg cramp melted away.  And since then, if I get a really bad Charlie-horse, I’ll put them under my 2 feet or stand on them until it just relaxes.  For my body this seems to be the key.



Cramp – Calf (Frequency Disc)

I had a client come in and she had a bulging knot in her calf that was in a spasm.  I had her lie on the table and placed the 3 ½ inch disk on it while I massaged her back.  10 minutes later, I checked it and the knot was gone!  Wow!



Cramp – Calf (Frequency Disc)

I wanted to share with you my most recent experience with the ZeroPoint 3.5″ frequency disc. During the night I woke up with a very painful muscle cramp in my calf. I immediately grabbed the coaster I had nearby and placed it over the cramping muscle. Within 10-20 seconds I felt relief. The muscle stopped cramping and the pain subsided. I left it in place and fell back to sleep. When I woke the next morning I was unable to tell that I had had a muscle spasm at all. I was able to walk normally, which is not the usual experience I have after a leg cramp. I was quite amazed.



Cramp – Charley Horse (Frequency Disc)

I have been under a lot of stress these last couple of days.  Last night I put the frequency disc in my bed which gave me a real good night’s sleep but when I woke up I had the worst Charley Horse pain in my left leg that I’ve ever had.  I took the 8” disc and put it right on there and in less than 2 minutes that pain was gone.



Cramps – Menstral (Intention Disc, Green Laser, Frequency Disc, Mint Matrix)

My daughter has been having unusually strong menstrual cramps & heavy bleeding afterward.  On 10/2/11, she didn’t tell me until after the cramps had subsided.  I had the Intention Discs & Green NaturaLaser, so I shined it on her lower abdomen and gave her the Intention Disc, which she held and then rubbed around her abdomen.  The next day she said her flow had reduced to less than what was normal on the 2nd day.  On 10/29/11, she told me when she had the cramps so I had her take the Frequency Disc to bed with her.  On 10/30/11, she said the pain was gone, but she still was having very heavy bleeding, so I had her put a drop of Mint Matrix in her belly button and rub a drop on her lower abdomen, insides of her feet near her Achilles, and then I shined the Green NaturaLaser in her naval for 30 seconds.  Later that day she said her flow was normal again and felt much better.

My daughter wanted to see if the Frequency Disc would help her and to her amazement it stuck to her abdomen while she was standing.  This was after her bout with the cramps & heavy bleeding, but she has had stomach problems all of her life so we believe it was working on that area.  She said it felt like it was sucking in more, so I asked if I could take a picture and she said “Oh yeah, it sure is proof it really does this – Awesome!”



Cut – Toe (Red Laser, Sirius Silver, Frequency Disc)

I was cutting up produce on a light-weight cutting board when it slipped off the counter and the knife went into my barefoot big toe giving it quite a slice, bleeding and a bit painful.  I got all my tools out and put the red laser on it applying pressure to it in between.  Someone reminded me to use the Sirius Silver on it – I hadn’t used it enough to even think of it.  I started spraying it on and could not bend my toe down or touch the top without causing a high degree of pain.  I also leaned against the frequency disc because I couldn’t put it on top on my toe due to the pain. By the next morning I had just a small amount of sensitivity and I had full range of motion in my toe.



Detox (Sirius Silver, Frequency Disc, Intention Disc, Sirius Infinity Pointer)

A friend tried to detox her body by taking a one hour bath with 2 capfuls of Sirius Silver, a Frequency Disc, an Intention Disc and a Sirius Infinity Pointer.  After 20 minutes she added Dead Sea salts.  She felt much clearer after the bath, and then later that day the detox was so strong that she was flushed, perspiring, and had a fever.  She felt great the next morning and was very pleased with the result.



Eye – Scratched Cornea (Frequency Disc, Sirius Silver)

My teenage son scratched his cornea somehow… he could see fine but it was very painful.  He woke up Friday morning at 6:30 saying he hadn’t been able to sleep well at all.  His eye really hurt a lot, he was in severe pain and his eye kept weeping.  I gave him the frequency disc suggesting he sleep with it on his eye or underneath his pillow and he was able to sleep until 10:30.  He said he felt a little better.   I took him in to the doctor the next day who told him he would hurt for 3 to 5 days even with the medication.  We sprayed his eye with the Sirius Silver and he’s been sleeping with the frequency disc and the next morning when he woke up he had no pain. He is taking the medication too but I’m glad the pain is gone in such a short time.



Fracture – Foot (Red Laser, Frequency Disc)

My friend Carol came over today, she thought she sprained her ankle. In actuality she had fractured her foot. I lasered with the red laser where her foot was swollen, placed an 8″ Frequency Disc on her lower back, and a 3.5″ Frequency Disc on her foot. In 20 mins. she walked with no pain. It lasted 2 hrs. until she over-did it.



Gastroparesis (Mint Matrix, Basic Pendant, Red Laser, Green Laser, Frequency Disc)

A friend of mine, Pam, came over to the hospital to visit me about 12 days ago inviting me to come over to her house when I got out.  I am 45 and for 26 years I have been misdiagnosed and undiagnosed and now finally diagnosed with Gastroparesis which is paralysis of the gastro system and many people die from this.  For 20 years I was told this was all in my head and now telling me this and there is no cure.

This last year has been the hardest out of the last 4 in which I lost my colon a year ago and have survived that.  I have had many brushes with death during this time.  I had enough energy to get to church on Sunday and the next Sunday and was thinking I’ve got to get with Pam and start drinking more water, getting on the oils and doing the things I need to do.  I am so sensitive and cannot tolerate medications.  The patch makes me so nauseous making me almost black out and I have terrible reactions to everything.

The Mint Matrix is now taking the place of a medicine that was barely working.  I am able to eat whereas I was unable before.  I am using the water bottle which gives me more fluid in my body than drinking regular water which is helping tremendously with my hydration.  I am using the pendants, the lasers, and the discs.  The opening from my stomach to my small intestine I don’t believe is functioning properly and I am in so much pain that radiates all the way to my back.  I detoxed my pyloric area and drained some bile and there is so much that has been damaged from the inside all these years being told it was all in my head.

By using the products for 12 days now, I have been able to do some things I haven’t been able to for 3 years.  I was able to get out and see some people I hadn’t seen for a very long time and even danced a little.  The only way I can describe this is like a volcano with hot lava – the lava being the energy that is being able to build and build and build in my body that is keeping me up and going.  The energy I had when I was young is coming back.  I have a lot of faith and know I have a purpose in this world and work very hard towards goals I have set.  I know these products are helping me and God gave us this natural earth to use and not use things that kill, like pesticides and drugs with fillers to medicate and damage our bodies.

The frequency disc that I put on my stomach last week—I’m in a stage 5 pain now going to a 3, which has been dropping down from a 9 and 10.  I have not been in a 3 for over 4 years in which I had been falling on the floor with pain but not anymore.  I thank God for someone finding out how to utlilize products to help us.  I have been in the hospital more than out the last 6 months and never going back again.  I’m up dancing and that’s the way it’s going to stay and this is turning around in just 12 days!



Headache – Migraine (Frequency Disc)

I had a migraine headache and when using the Frequency Disc it stuck for 30 minutes on my shoulder and then after sticking 15-20 minutes on the temple I then felt a release like a suction cup giving way.



Headache – Migraine (Frequency Disc, Mint Matrix, Sirius Infinity Pointer)

One of my friends has had migraine headaches for years, which only occur on cloudy days.  During the 4th Anniversary Conference in Las Vegas it was cloudy and rainy, so I called her up to see how she was doing and as I suspected she was home with a migraine.  I invited her to come to the Open Opportunity Meeting that evening to see if the products would help her.  She really didn’t want to go anywhere, but was willing to try anything, so she came to the meeting.  Rick Fleshman called on her to come up to do a strength test, so I said she has a migraine headache.  He asked her what her pain level was and she said it was 9.  She could definitely tell the difference when the products were introduced during the strength test.  Afterward, he sent her to the back of the room with Rick Bergen who put a frequency disc on her upper back below the neck where it stuck, rubbed a drop of Mint Matrix on both of her temples and used the Sirius Infinity Pointer on her temples for about 5 minutes each and in between, about 2-3 minutes on the back of her neck.  He then asked her what her pain level was and she said it was about 5, but she could really tell it was much better than when she got there.  The Frequency Disc was still stuck, so He said she could go ahead and sit with me with it for the remainder of the meeting.  Just before the meeting was over Rick Fleshman asked her what her pain level was and she said it was about 2 and she felt so much better!  She thanked me profusely for offering her the opportunity to get this relief!  It is so rewarding to know I helped her with this!!!



Heartburn (Frequency Disc)

Last night I had Pizza and when I went to bed I had heartburn so bad.  I put the frequency disc on where the heartburn was and all of a sudden I had a really strong heartburn….. and then it went away.  I didn’t have to get out of bed to take anything.



Hot Flashes (Frequency Disc)

I have a client I do massage on.  I put one frequency disc on the table under the feet and another one at the head.  She did not have a hot flash the whole time she was on the table and she usually does and has them frequently.



Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Frequency Disc)

I was speaking with a new Consultant and all she had was a frequency disc that she had picked up at a demo a few weeks ago.  She said she has a son-in-law that has terrible IBS and VERY bad bowel pain and the frequency disc is helping him.



Jaw (Red Laser, Sirius Infinity Pointer, Frequency Disc)

My jaw was out of alignment and spent quite a bit of time using the red laser and the pointer going over and over it.  I thought it felt a little better.  Then I went to bed that night and had my tools like the intention disc under the pillow, my pendant, my wand and the only thing I hadn’t done before was sleep with the frequency disc under my pillow which I did now and this morning my jaw is aligned and my teeth are meeting – this is so awesome for me.  I wish I could say which one thing did it.  I felt the most when I was working on it with the new Sirius Pointer but I think it was a combination of working it and then sleeping on the frequency disc.  I am happy – I have my face back – I can eat!



Motion Sickness (Frequency Disc)

I was in Minneapolis for a retreat and we were going from the airport to the hotel in a Super Shuttle that holds around 12 people.  One lady entering the shuttle said that she gets motion sickness and that we should all prepare.  I gave her a 3” frequency disc I had in my purse which she put on her solar plexus and she was fine the whole ride and wondered what it was when we got off and into the hotel.  She wanted the information and said over the last few years she said she had really gotten sick from the motion sickness so I was really happy.

Jo Ann-IN


Pain – Arm Broken (Intention Disc, Frequency Disc, Sodalite Window Pendant, Sirius Balance Pendant)

Rick and I were at an in-home meeting and asked for volunteers so he could demonstrate the Intention Disc and how it could help clear emotional trauma from injuries.  Everyone volunteered Susan to go up who told about recently breaking her arm, had no money for insurance and had healed it with the help of a frequency disc put into the inside of a homemade sling in 4 weeks but it didn’t heal completely straight.  So she went through the process with Rick and could feel a lot of stress relieved with the Intention Disc and felt a lot better about it.  Then a few minutes later after the meeting, I worked a little more with her with the Intention Disc and Sodalite Pendant and the Sirius Pendant was placed on her elbow where it had broken and the arm just actually straightened out in front of everyone.  She let out a scream and was screaming with joy and saying, “look at my arm! – look at my arm!”  So we all ran in there and saw that her arm was completely straightened.  What was so profound was that she could not straighten her arm before.  There is always an emotional component to  the healing and condition which this product helps to unblock.  It was just an awesome experience to witness.



Pain – Back injury at 16 (Mint Matrix, Red Laser, Frequency Disc)

Put drop Mint Matrix on top and bottom of spine & top of head.  Then use Red Laser and pain goes away.

Update: I have been dealing with this back injury for 40 years – I’ve had some wonderful success with these products but when I get in a car by myself and have to drive a very long distance like 1,000 miles over a 3 day period it really bothers me.  I heard someone talking about the 8” frequency disc so I put one under my car seat to see how I would feel.  I normally feel my back tightening up about 80-90 miles down the road but I drove 425 miles before I stopped and by the time I got there I had experienced no back pain at all.  So 48 hours later I’m on the way back and got home.  I didn’t need to put ice on my back or do any extra things.  I was totally pain free and it was fabulous.  I just LOVE that frequency disc.



Pain – Back (Frequency Disc)

I always have the frequency disc in my pocket and this afternoon when I went to get a hair treatment done, the stylist was complaining about a sore back.  I know that she’s under a lot of stress these days getting ready for holidays, vacation, etc.  She picks up the stress of her clients besides whatever she has so I offered her the disc.  She put it in her apron pocket and in about 10 to 15 minutes later the pain in her back was completely gone.



Pain – Back – Upper (Frequency Disc)

I was doing some intensive work on the computer and was in a lot of pain between my shoulder blades.  I used the 8” frequency disc while sitting in my favorite chair reading and put it on the area of pain.  Before I put it on I was experiencing a sharp hot pain and after I put it on, almost immediately it was like it turned the pain cold and then it went away in seconds.  I continued leaving it on while reading for about 20 minutes and had no more problems for the remainder of the day.



Pain – Back – Upper/Shoulder (Sodalite Window Pendant, Frequency Disc, Red Laser, Green Laser, Sirius Infinity Pointer)

I thought I would show you a couple of photos I had taken today of one of the ZeroPoint Global pendants and one of the frequency disc.  Marilyn (my wife) and I take about 15 minutes each to use the energy devices on each other to help eliminate any particular aches and pains.  Well, for about a month now, Marilyn has been experiencing a reoccurring pain in upper right area of her back.  She thinks that it might be caused by the position of her head when viewing her computer monitor.  I’ve been using the red, green pointers and Infinity pointer on her each evening during our sessions and it would help diminish the pain but would gradually return by the end of the next day.

Well, we also wear the pendants that ZeroPoint Global provides which helps also with various areas of our well being including less physical aches, more strength, balance, focus ability, less stiffness, more energy level and emotional well being among other things.  We wear these pendants 24/7 and Marilyn had noticed during the last couple of weeks that the pendant she wears around her neck has changed location when she has waken up a couple of mornings so this morning she showed me where her pendant ends up, always in the same area and it’s stuck to this area like a magnet.  I took a photo of it this morning to verify that it does indeed gravitate and stick in this particular area.  This pendant is called the Sodalite Window Pendant.

During this evening, she took it away from the area and put one of the frequency discs on the area and it also stuck snugly to the skin where it currently resides as I type this email.  We are hoping that the frequency disc will do the same thing as it had done with another health issue she had experienced for about three years. We had spent about $15,000 in diagnostic medical bills without resolving the problem and then using the frequency disc just one time with it sticking to the area for a couple of hours and has thus far, resolved the problem for abut two months now as she had been having pain and nausea every week or two for about three years.  Below, I’m inserting photos of the pendant from this morning and the frequency disk from this evening.



Pain – Bee Sting (Frequency Disc, Sirius Silver)

When I get stung  by a bee in my hand, it swells up really bad up to my elbow.  Last night I got stung by a bee again on my hand. I put my hand on the frequency disc but the only relief I had was when I sprayed the Sirius Silver on.  So I sprayed until the pain went away and just left my hand on the disc.  The swelling never expanded to where it did 2 months earlier when I got stung.  I just love the Sirius Silver.



Pain – Hips (Frequency Disc)

I live alone and when I went to bed I got in the other side of the bed than what I usually do and the 8” frequency disc was on the opposite side.  I was really tired and didn’t get up to move it and about 4am I woke up with my hips hurting so badly.  I hadn’t had a back ache since I’d been using the disc in my bed, so I quickly moved over to the other side and got almost instant relief. What a lesson that was to me.



Pain – Hips (Sirius Silver, Frequency Disc)

Yesterday my neighbor and I visited a friend who is 6 weeks out from major back surgery.  She had a couple vertebras fused together where the bone has to regrow and has been in a lot of pain.   She is married to an Allopathic Veterinarian who has complete disdain for anything that is not allopathic but he was not there at the time.  I had my Sirius Silver and the small disc with me.  I shared my story with her about the disc sticking to my lower back and getting complete relief of pain.  Her pain was on both sides of the hip in a triangle down from the incision.  I put the disc on one side for about 10 minutes – she got up and I moved it over to the other side and she sat for another 10 minutes.  Then we were getting ready to leave and she stood and she said, “well, you know I don’t have any pain right now”.  I told her I would leave the disc with her to see if she would get some relief.  I’ll be checking with her in a day or two.  She has been on heavy pain meds and has a long road ahead to get that bone grown in and fused together.



Pain – Knee (Red Laser, Green Laser, Frequency Disc)

I just wanted to share a little tip.  I walk on a treadmill daily and when I get done walking, my right knee will ache throughout the day because of some arthritis I have in it.  I had been using the Red and Green Lasers on it which would relieve the pain for a short time and then it would come back.  So what I’ve done is taken a couple of the frequency discs and wrap them around the knee with an ace bandage after being on the treadmill, leaving them there for an hour or so and it pretty well eliminates most of the aching and does a much better job. Everyone’s body is different and this is what works best for me.



Pain – Knees (Sirius Balance Pendant, Frequency Disc, Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk)

I have torn meniscus in my knees.  I was in constant pain and had a great deal of trouble walking, especially on stairs. I wear the Sirius Balance Pendant, sleep with the Frequency Disc, use the Sirius Silver and Citrus Silk.  Now my knees don’t hurt. Even when I twisted my knees the wrong way and irritated the meniscus, the pain went away very quickly.



Pain – Leg (Red Laser, Frequency Disc)

I had an accident with an industrial machine, one that revolves in a circle around the floor.  I forgot how to use it and I held it too long and it rammed into my leg and got this big gouge in my leg.  I used the red laser on it immediately and the bleeding stopped.  (Someone also stopped their nose bleeding with the red laser.) I laid an 8” disc under my back and one under my legs as my whole body had been really tweaked, went to sleep and the next morning I had no bruising, and no pain at all anywhere.



Pain – Muscles (Frequency Disc, Citrus Silk, Red Laser)

I strained my muscles when I was cleaning out the garage and lifting heavy objects.  The pain was on my right side in my neck, down my back and moving around my lungs, and I wasn’t sure if it was muscular or respiratory.  It was getting steadily worse, and in the past it would have progressed to muscle spasms that would take days or weeks to subside.  The Frequency Discs provided relief in the places where I put them, but because a whole set of muscles was involved the pain would return when they came off.  I had a friend put on Citrus Silk and use the Red Laser on the areas, and in 5 minutes the pain was completely gone and has not returned.



Pain – Muscles (Red Laser, Frequency Disc)

About 7 years ago my husband and I started investing in Real Estate and did all the work ourselves like painting, grouting etc.  My whole body would be hurting from holding the paint brush all day and I could hardly open up my hand the next morning.  A few years later I was introduced to Zero Point tools which I started implementing during the day, like I would laser my hands once in awhile and I’d use the small frequency disc at the base of my spine which made all the difference in the world.  I was able to work long hours with absolutely no pain the next day.  It was really amazing how well they worked.  I did not have the Oils at the time but I’m sure adding them would have even worked that much better.



Pain – Rotator Cuff (Frequency Disc, Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix)

I pulled my rotor cuff in left shoulder and I’m left handed and couldn’t use my arm for about 4 days. I tried the 3” disc which helped quite a bit to move my elbow.  And then I got the oils and tried the Citrus Silk which helped for about an hour.  It was extreme, all the way down my left shoulder blade and down to my wrist.  I then tried the Mint Matrix and my arm within 2 minutes the pain was cleared off – I could move it, extend it and raise my arm and that was just using the Mint Matrix alone.  Then 2 days later I went dancing at a wedding because I felt so great and woke up in the night around 3am completely immobilized.  I put the Mint Matrix on and it cleared up completely.



Pain – Rotator Cuff, Bursitis (Sirius Silver, Green Laser, Sirius Infinity Pointer, Frequency Disc)

My sister came over and told me she had deep pain and stiffness throughout her rotator cuff that sent shooting pain when she used it at work, which is quite often.  She couldn’t raise it 1/3 up her side and around at all without pain. We sprayed Sirius Silver over the top of her rotator and I shined the Green NaturaLaser over that area for 30 seconds.  She felt a little better, but it was still pretty stiff and painful.

We discussed that the Red NaturaLaser might be better to use since it is primarily for muscular/skeletal, but I didn’t have it yet.  However, I did have the Sirius Infinity Pointer so I got it and circled the top of her rotator cuff for 30 seconds.  She said she felt better yet, but asked to see if the Frequency Disc would help more.  She ran it up her arm and it stuck right at her rotator cuff for about 10 minutes and then fell off. Within 5 minutes she said she could feel popping in the whole area like the fluid sac was releasing.  The next day she reported it was still a little stiff, but she felt it was 80% better so was really glad we used the Sirius Infinity Pointer and Frequency Disc.  We are looking forward to using the Red NaturaLaser and/or Sirius Infinity Pointer on it again soon and we’ll have an update!

Update: When I asked my Sister on 11/8/11 how her rotator cuff was feeling, she said she hadn’t had any pain, could still move her arm up above her head and completely around with no pain.  She said, “Most of all I don’t have the dull ache from my Chronic Bursitis every day”.  I said, “What? I thought you had a pain in your shoulder area, I never knew this was chronic!”  Funny, how we just deal with pain and don’t think about it until it flares up.  On 11/17/11, she said she still has no pain or dull ache in her shoulder.



Pain – Sciatica (Frequency Disc)

I have been limping around with my sciatica since last Thanksgiving and had gotten so depressed because I could not get rid of the pain.  I just got my 3.5 frequency disc and slept with it all night.  The next day I put it in my pants all day. I can’t believe it, I did not have any pain when I went to see my doctor – I had been in so much pain before- the frequency disc helped me so much.



Pain – Shingles Mint Matrix, Red Laser Green Laser, Frequency Disc)

This past summer a week after my mom passed away and with the stress of it all showed up in what I believe was Shingles in my mouth.  It was greatly painful.  I did use energy tools to help reduce the pain, but ever since then being the end of July, my teeth didn’t feel like they sat in my mouth.  I just felt this excess pressure.  The Mint Matrix did provide some relief as well as using the Lasers.  A friend of mine had been using the frequency disc on her face to remove the lifelines.  So I took my disc to bed laying it on my face and sleeping with it that way on each cheek.  I did that for quite awhile and today I noticed that I don’t have that problem or feeling of the pressure every time I bite down – it just happened.



Pain – Shoulder, Bursa Sack Issue (Frequency Disc)

My wife’s doctor told her that she had a bad bursa sack, causing her pain in her shoulder.  She had been given cortisol shots to reduce the pain temporarily as it’s kind of a chronic condition and has been bothering her for years.  Well, she has learned that if she takes a frequency disc and inserts it under her blouse, directly on the area under her bra strap to hold it in place while watching TV, within an hour the pain will be completely gone and stay gone for close to a week and when it returns, she simply does this again as it works every time. It’s a great way to affect a chronic condition without daily drugs and now, her shoulder has become basically a non-issue for her.



Pain – Shoulder (Frequency Disc)

A friend of mine came over to my business and he didn’t believe what I told him about the frequency disc that can stick to the body sometimes.  So he wanted to see it and he rubbed it on different areas and it stuck on his left shoulder-his mouth dropped open and he couldn’t believe it.  I laughed and said just leave it there for awhile.   Couple days later he wrote me an email saying, “Stan, when I was visiting you the disc stuck on my left shoulder for about 25-30 minutes.  I generally like to sleep on my left side but for the past few months have been unable to do so because it created a lot of pain in my left shoulder.  Well Friday and Saturday night I was able to sleep on my left side without any pain in my shoulder.  Sunday night I did have a slight pain, so I do believe these discs have some effect on muscle repair.”



Pain – Shoulder (Frequency Disc, Mint Matrix, Green Laser, Red Laser)

I’ve been having a problem with my left shoulder for years related to workouts at the gym.  I was experimenting and applied the frequency discs to the left side of my back and much to my surprise, 3 of them stuck for 15 minutes. A fourth disc stuck for 1 hour on the upper part of my back, behind my left shoulder.  I then rubbed the Mint Matrix on my shoulder and used the green laser on that area for two minutes. On a scale of 1-10, the pain went from a 5-6 down to a 2-3.

Update:  After just receiving the red lasers, that night I rubbed 3 drops of the Mint Matrix on my shoulder, used the red laser for a minute or so and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning virtually pain free.  My shoulder is feeling dramatically better! It’s just amazing to me how well these products work.

Update:  I have had an ongoing thing with my shoulder and get these things in my back called ‘trigger points’ which are little knots in the muscle.  Pam helped me located one of these near the scapula on my back on my left side.  So I put a small frequency disc on my mattress so it’s near that spot when I sleep on my back, and put a 2nd one right on the front of my shoulder where the pain seems to be most, like a sandwich, and I’ve been doing this for the last few nights and what I’ve found is that I am having great results in reducing the discomfort by using 2 of these instead of just the one.

Tom – MD


Pain – Stomach (Frequency Disc)

My wife has had a pain in her upper right quadrant of her stomach area off and on for about 3 years.  The hospital had tested her and couldn’t find anything wrong, MRI’s did not show, gallbladder or nothing, so couldn’t find out what it was.  When she started rubbing the frequency disc along her stomach area, it stuck like a magnet in that area where the pain was.  It was not hurting at that moment but just stuck there.  She & I were both amazed, so I took a picture and it stayed there for 2-3 hours before it came off.  She has not had a pain since.



Pain – Stomach (Frequency Disc)

I was having pains in my stomach yet the frequency disc stuck to my chest.



Panic Attack (Frequency Disc)

I know a Massage Therapist who has a husband that travels doing continuing education classes.  She drives him to different places and has a panic attack if she has to drive more than 20 minutes.  She got an 8” frequency disc and had to drive a few hours to an event and didn’t have to stop the car at all.  Someone said that must have been a coincidence or all in your head so she put the disc in the trunk and started driving home and had to stop about 15 minutes later to get her disc back out so now she always uses the disc.



Sinus (Sirius Silver, Sirius Infinity Pointer, Frequency Disc)

I had an issue going on this weekend with my sinuses and when I sneezed it was tight and uncomfortable.  I used the Sirius Silver and my vitamins.  What I discovered when I tested myself was there was bacteria lodged in my sinuses for quite some time.  I took the Sirius Pointer and stuck it right in my nose for about 30 seconds which gave relief into the sinuses over my eyes.  The testing also showed bacteria stuck in under my eyes so I kept running the Pointer back and forth across there before going to bed last night maybe a couple minutes.  I also slept with the frequency disc under my pillow a couple nights and my problem was totally relieved.



Sinus – Cyst (Frequency Disc)

There was a little hump on the side of my nose I was trying to get rid of for months – it just wouldn’t go away.  It was a cyst.  The ENT doctor said he would have to remove it through the endoscope.  I ran the frequency disc over my body at night and it stuck on my forehead the other night and I thought it’s not going to stay there because I wasn’t laying flat, but it stayed on and then migrated down my face over about 45 min to an hour period.  It went to the side where the cyst was and then went down the side of my jaw where I had a cavity in my tooth and then down to my lower jaw where I needed a root canal and then it dropped.   The first night it took a little longer, the 2nd night it was faster, then last night it stayed on my forehead maybe 5-10 minutes and it would finish in less than a half hour going down the whole side of my face.  My nose is almost even, I can’t feel the cyst, and when I cleaned my teeth this morning, I didn’t have the sensitivity with the water where I need the cavity fixed and the root canal.  I thought that was amazing just from the disc – I didn’t use anything else.  I’m sitting here rubbing my nose and I can’t even feel the cyst.



Teeth (Basic Pendant, Frequency Disc)

I had a dental appointment, needed surgery and a tooth extracted.  I was sitting in the chair for 2 hours and when I got out I went to the drugstore to get some pain medicine and anti-biotics.  When I was riding home I laid my pendant around my face because I knew I’d be throbbing shortly which it did.  I laid the frequency disc beside my face all day and all night.  I never had to take a pain pill.  My jaw never swelled.  I was so amazed as he did so much work in my mouth.  I LOVE these products and they have really been helping me.



Chakras – Energy Centers (Frequency Disc)

I am an Energy Healer that uses crystals and I have a passion for learning about as many healing modalities as possible, proper nutrition, exercise (yoga, qi gong, etc) detox, and all kinds of natural healing. I have been using my crystals from Shambala Healing Tools with great success, not only on myself but on my former quad-employer, so I have developed a special interest in crystals, stones and energy healing. They all came in very handy while I was eliminating spider venom from my body.

Well, this morning I was doing a crystal healing treatment on myself, (I have had a bit of indigestion and heartburn, possibly from having too much fun:) I had the “3.5” Frequency Disc” Lisa used in the demonstration under my chair and my chakras appeared to be spinning well. I got up to talk to Karen as she was getting ready to leave and was standing in the kitchen, continuing my treatment away from the “3.5” Frequency Disc”, when I noticed the pendulum was spinning in a counterclockwise direction. I thought, hmmm, was I mistaken?

I went back to the chair with the “3.5” Frequency Disc” under it and sure enough, when I let the crystals “do their thing” they were spinning clockwise. Okay, maybe I was mistaken about the direction in the kitchen, so back out to the kitchen- I was correct-a definite counter clockwise spin.

Karen came out to the kitchen and I did it for her and again for the next person who came through the door.  The results were consistent – when above the stone, the crystal indicated that the chakras were open, when away from the stone, not so!

Now, I am not saying these stones heal, yet. All I am saying is these “frequency infused stones” are resonating with people’s bodies, and improving the flow of our chakras – with ease and joy!




Avocado Test (Frequency Disc)

I had a demo at my house with an avocado for the demonstration.  However, there was not a big difference between the one that was on the frequency disc in comparison with the one that wasn’t because Lynn had taken it off the disc to talk about it so it wasn’t on for as long as it should have been.  But the interesting thing about this was – one of the guests was a blind man who senses energy and Alicia asked him if he could feel a difference.  And sure enough, he could feel a difference – he said “this one feels more alive, like it is riper or something”.

Previously I had been putting avocados on a disc and I have noticed the flavor is so remarkably improved and I would recommend everyone to put them on a disc.  I also have a few green tomatoes I had to harvest before the frost and I have them on a disc and they are ripening very nicely.  I also pulled some off last week before they got hit and the ones that were put on the disc tasted just as good as the ones we’ve been eating all summer.



Avocado (Frequency Disc)

Over 3 weeks ago Wil and I had 7 avocados, put them on the frequency disc until they were ripe and then put them in the refrigerator.   I just cut up the last one and it was perfect and only one had gotten a little tiny spot on it.  Who ever heard of avocados lasting for 3 weeks?  I also cut up some bananas and apples last night for our demo and put some on the disc.  I could clearly see the fruit not on the disc was browning out, deteriorating and losing its life force.  The others on the disc were amazing in their appearance.



Avocado (Frequency Disc)

I ate half an avocado and put the other half in the refrigerator and forgot about it.  5 Days later I checked on it and it looked just as fresh as the day I cut it.  I had the frequency disc in the crisper drawer with the avocado on shelf above it.  I’m going to see how long it takes before it turns.



Avocado, Pico de Gallo (Frequency Disc, Sirius Infinity Pointer)

I got avocados from our local grocery store and put all but two on the 8″ Frequency Disc, which I put in my pantry for the browning test – which to note later is in between my kitchen and family room.  Sis made guacamole from the ones on the disc for taste testing.  All 3 of us thought it was the best guacamole we had ever had…much more flavorful.  My Sister had brought a brand of pico de gallo that we like that comes in a plastic container and decided to bring it in.  She put 1/2 of the container in a bowl and put it on the 8″ Frequency Disc…leaving the other 1/2 in the container on another counter.  We did a wine test, which I will add after I get to the point with the avocados.  So, about 15 minutes later we tried the pico de gallo and our guest said she will have to remember the brand because it really was as good as we said.  My Sister and I thought it tasted even better than normal.  So, I got some out of the container and put in small taste cups and gave everyone one and we all turned our noses up to it because the tomatoes were not as firm or flavorful and it tasted bland compared to what was on the bowl that had been on the Frequency Disc…even though we liked it as it was before.  We had no idea how much better it could be.

OK, remember I said I left two avocados in my pantry for the browning test and used one?  I moved the other to my refrigerator crisper which has an 8″ disc in it.  This last Thursday 1-19-12, I was cleaning out my refrigerator and found the one lonely avocado, in the corner of the crisper that I completely forgot about from when I bought it around 11/1/11.  First thing I thought was yuk I don’t know if I even want to touch it.  But I did…it was not discolored, no fuzz and felt firm.  So, I cut it open and could not believe my eyes…all but 1/4 to the tip was brown and the rest green.  So I cut that off…tasted a small amount of the green and it tasted so good I decided to make a sandwich out of it.  It was great!…and that is 2-1/2 months later! I will add that store mixed salad in plastic bags are lasting 3 weeks to a month longer…my daughter is witnessing the dates on the packaging…last being from 1/11/12 that we are just now eating and hasn’t turned at all.  And she has spinach in there that she actually said, “Mom I got a ton of spinach in there so eat some soon if you want.”  I said, “Don’t forget there is a Frequency Disc in there” and she said “Oh yeah, it should be good for another week or two.”

The wine test…lol. I had a bottle of Yellow Tail Chardonnay that had been standing up for months (in another room) and would not be our wine of choice.  We put some in a decanter and put aside three taste testers.  My Sister used the SIP in the decanter for about 5 minutes and poured it in glasses which we tasted.  We were surprised it was smooth and tasted pretty good…not tart or dry as we expected.  Then we tasted the testers, which were very tart, dry, and reminded us why it would not be our choice!


Bananas (Frequency Disc)

I have 2 sons, one is 21 and the other is 16 who tend to be very skeptical.   The other day my 16 year old who thinks he knows everything says to me unsolicited – “Mom, I ate the last banana – those discs are amazing – the bananas don’t go bad ever and they taste wonderful.”

Mr. Skeptic gave me a testimonial without warning.  LOL



Broccoli – Cauliflower (Frequency Disc)

I bought some raw broccoli & cauliflower, cut it up and put in a bowl but did not set it on the frequency disc.  That night I had some for dinner and I noticed a couple hours later I had some indigestion because this was not organic.  So I set the bowl on the 8” frequency disc, put it in the refrigerator and the next night after eating them again, I had no indigestion at all.  Not only was it tasting much better but I believe it neutralized the chemicals that are in there is why I had no more indigestion.



Broccoli – Mushrooms (Frequency Disc)

I picked up some bags of broccoli and mushrooms from the store on sale with the expiration date on them for the next day thinking they would be a great test for my frequency disc.  The bags were also a little puffy already and I knew how broccoli doesn’t last too long and gets smelling bad.  So I put them on the frequency disc when I got home and when putting them in the refrigerator, I made sure they were close to the disc.  I’m telling you – they were good the whole time, and you also know how mushrooms get too – these were already turning a darker brown and starting to get soft and wet.  I just finished the last of them last night and they were still as fresh as the day I bought them on Saturday and yesterday was Wednesday – that was 4 days.  I thought it was so amazing.



Cantaloupe — Ripened after Cutting Open (Frequency Disc)

I picked up a nice large cantaloupe at the market last Saturday. I normally let it sit a day or two before cutting into it. But when I got home, I wanted a piece as it looked so good. So I cut it in half and in half again and ate a piece of it. But I was very disappointed as it was really hard, not ripe enough and didn’t have a very good taste either. So I put the rest of it in the refrigerator with a 3.5 frequency underneath. A week later I took a section out to try.  I must say, I was VERY surprised – it tasted just like a nice ripe juicy cantaloupe should taste, and didn’t have the hard texture anymore either. Once you cut into any fruit and put in the refrigerator it never ripens and tastes the same as when you put it in. But not this time – I was utterly AMAZED at the flavor and texture. WOW!



Food Fresher Longer (Frequency Disc)

We went on a trip and had left spinach in refrigerator for 2 weeks with small Frequency disc on nearby  shelf. I was impressed when the spinach looked and tasted like it was brand new. I had also baked some apple bread and left it on counter on top of a disc.  Again we were surprised that it wasn’t moldy.



Plants (Frequency Disc, Sirius Infinity Pointer)

I had 2 plants that almost died while on vacation—all dead except for 3 tiny leaves.  I put the plant on an 8” frequency disc for 5 days and it now has 16 leaves and looks like a brand new plant.  I also used the Sirius Pendant on the water that I gave it.



Spinach (Frequency Disc)

I brought home some fresh spinach and set it on the 3.5” frequency disc for about ½ hour and then put in refrigerator.  I used it for 2 or 3 days.  Then I left for a week and had intended to give it to my neighbor to use when I was gone.  When I got home I took out the spinach and looked at it, I could not believe how fresh and crisp it was.  I opened the bag and it still smelled fresh and crisp.  Spinach normally goes bad quickly and can wilt in a 2 days.  I was so surprised!  It was like a miracle – I still had fresh spinach!  I can’t say enough about these wonderful products.



Balancing the Body (Frequency Disc)

When I got the frequency disc I put it over my body and it stuck in the middle of my chest and stuck there for 35 minutes.  The next day it stuck in same position for 3-1/2 hours.  Last night it stuck just a little over to the left side and stayed for another 30 minutes.  I don’t know what it’s doing or what it’s working on but it definitely works.  Most things don’t work on me so I’m very happy.



Emotional Issues (Frequency Disc)

My friend put a Frequency Disc on her sternum (above her thymus gland). It was stuck down on the opposite of shiny side for 36 hours in that position.  She took it off twice to shower and get dressed, put it back on and immediately the body sucked it back on.  After 36 hours, it moved 2 inches to the right for a total of 45 hours so far.  She says that she was going to bed with passion, like she was a kid again, so excited about starting her day and she doesn’t know why it was so long at her heart area, except that she would put ‘cleared issues’ into her heart chakra area whenever she did emotional clearing… it looked like this area needed a whole lot of clearing out.

Later:  I learned the corrected hours: the initial 36 hours, plus 45 hours on the right of sternum, and another 8 hours left of sternum… it was some 89 HOURS the Frequency Disc was held by her body!!!!!



Jewelry – Clearing (Frequency Disc)

I was learning how gold and silver jewelry holds frequencies of whoever has worn it so it needs to be cleared.   The silver jewelry stuck to the Frequency Disc and it also stuck to the chest for 1-1/2 days. I am feeling better and better – staying up until 2am and jumping out of bed.



Neck Spasm Trauma (Frequency Disc)

I rubbed the frequency disc going all over my body.  It went down my neck on the vertebrae there and stuck there.  I walked up and down the stairs and it stayed there for 2 hours.  I was trying to figure out why and then realized when I was between the age of 13 and 26 I used to get neck spasms that caused me to pass out which gave me a stiff neck for a whole week.  I used to have a great amount of tension and stress around the neck area.  I used to massage my neck and finally it did go away by itself but it took years.



Shoulder – Disc Stuck to It! (Frequency Disc)

I asked my wife to slide the frequency disc on my back to see if it would “stick” anywhere.  Nothing happened until she got in the area above my shoulder blades and it stuck there… which surprised me because I didn’t have any noticeable pain in the area.  I left it there, put my shirt back on with it still in place for a couple of hours, then we went to bed.  It continued to stay, even while lying on my side in bed until @ 3:00am when I felt it loosen itself and drop to the mattress surface. I’m not too sure what was not in balance but it must have done its job!



Chiropractor & His Patients (Red Laser, Frequency Disc, Basic Pendant)

I have been a practicing Chiropractor for over 40 years, certified in acupuncture for 30 years, and have a diplomate in Clinical Nutrition for 8 years. I specialize in a unique nutritional approach for allergy elimination and desensitization using bio-feedback which can detect allergies and sensitivities in individuals. Had been looking for years for a pin point therapeutic laser to use instead of needles and was astounded when I saw Lisa Lothian demonstrating the ZeroPoint Red Laser. On testing, the acupuncture effect was strong and worked quite well in relieving headaches using acupoints I previously had to needle.

When I first met Lisa I had a neck ache of several days and was looking forward to getting my chiropractor to adjust me. I pointed the red laser over the areas needing adjustment and my neck immediately felt better. I bought a red laser, a frequency disc and ZeroPoint pendant on the spot and couldn’t wait to use it the next day at my practice.

In my chiropractic practice I use a method called activator, based on leg length inequality, based on the alignment of the hips and sacrum. When I scanned down and across the lower back with the red laser, the legs immediately evened. I went about completing the adjustment and also scanned the main pain areas. Without exception every one of dozens of patient’s had a greater response then they had previously. Relieving injured shoulders, knees, low backs, necks, sciatica’s, piriformis pain.

This does not replace the chiropractic adjustment by any means, but strongly enhances the benefits of other therapies. I myself had a serious back injury last year, that had recovered but left me unable to be as active. Now anytime there is a twinge, I scan the back and it’s gone and the last few days, I realized I was able to walk and exercise much more freely then I had since the injury.

For those familiar with muscle testing, I started a new supplement, but muscle testing showed I was allergic to it or a weak response. On a whim I placed the supplement on a small ZeroPoint frequency disc overnight and the next morning it tested strong. I keep finding more and more applications for this amazing little red laser.

At a conference a few weeks ago, I showed the red laser to an old friend of 30 years. He had just taken an advanced laser training program, taught by a famous neurologist where they established the most beneficial wave lengths. This laser cost about  $10,000.00. After I shared with him the results I’d been getting with the ZeroPoint red laser, he asked what the wave length was and was impressed to see it was the same as the expensive, highly rated laser. He was excited to sign up with ZeroPoint Global. I look forward to learning of all the benefits I am yet unaware of.

Bernard Epstein-FL
D.C., D.A.C.B.N.(Nutrition), F.I.A.C.A.(Acupuncture)


Energy Healer – Jaw, Neck Alignment, Muscle Spasms (Red Laser, Frequency Disc, Basic Pendant)

I am an Energy Healer and I came home last night feeling exhausted and drained, did some work and then was on the computer. A lot of my issues are in my neck which tightens my nose and jaw so I have had trouble breathing…last night I used the red laser at the presentation briefly on my above areas. When I was on the computer my neck kind of spasmed and relaxed and it felt different. I did not make a big deal about it and went to bed. I did not play with the samples again. When I woke up this morning I felt rested and relaxed.

I did my usual primus and reiki this morning then decided to put the small Frequency Disc in front of the computer. I did feel a stong energy emanating from the disc.

I used the red laser on my fingers because I had a torn or sprained a ligament about a month ago and it wasn’t healing at the knuckle. I felt the heat and some relief. As I was going to work, I felt another kind of spasm feeling at the knuckle and it felt a lot better. Like it was dislocated and had slipped into place.

I decided to take the ZeroPoint pendent with me to work and wore it till about 3. I did feel a lof of energy from it…it is positive and uplifting. It is different for me because I feel it is an energy source coming from outside of me…yet surrounding me…. I am used to the rose quartz and my crystal work which generates energy from inside me as opposed to the external generating ZeroPoint pendant..however, I adjusted and decided to keep an open mind..and went with the flow…so far all was positive.